Interview With A Five Year Old

For the past few years I have interviewed The Boy with a set of questions created by Emma from A Matter Of Choice; the questions never change but it's really interesting to see the difference in his answers.

Peppa Pig, cheesy ham pasta, milk and Oliver have been constants, along with me being his best friend! New additions this year are Legoland as a favourite place, and his future profession, although I'm not sure that wanting to teach naughty children is quite the career path I had in mind for him. Or indeed teaching at all for that matter!

Oh and he won't eat peaches, so I don't know what he's going on about there.

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    Aww that is the cutest thing I've ever watched! He's so adorable!! Love the singling, my twins were watching too and they love singing 'let it go' so they were smiling with The Boy!!! This is such a good idea and something lovely to look back on! Has he got a birthday coming up? Hope he decides on what he wants before then…. he obviously has everything he wants already though πŸ™‚ xx

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    That is adorable! Mushroom and I watched this together and he said 'I like this boy.' He was trying to predict his answers but kept saying 'chicken' to everything and giggling. We like 'Happy' too, Mushroom was singing along. So sweet that you're his best friend and wants to work with you.

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    Oh wow, I thought about doing something similar the other day for future reads but could only come up with about 4 questions. This has now bumped up my list of questions, although don't think Lewis would be confident in front of a camera lol. πŸ˜€

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    Such a grown up boy now! It's lovely to see his answers and how they differ/ have progressed since the last video. I live this idea and can't wait to start our own in a couple if years time(!) thank you

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    Love it! He sounds so polite and well spoken, and the video is so calm – slightly alarmed about my video now (finally got round to it yesterday) the fan is going, Louka is shouting and it is set in general chaos – I did think about doing it again but I thought I'd go with the accurate memory to look back on!

    I love the fact his favourite game is one he's never played too, sounds like something Leo would come out with.

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    well they have the same taste in songs!!! it makes me laugh thay they will pick a game they have just been given or the clothes they are wearing as their favourite, even though they have just been given it and may not even have played with it yet or worn them before! and it is amazing how much more grown up he is in this one which i know is obvius because he is older, but what a difference! i love seeing these each year. he is , or at least appears so here, much calmer than my two – hmmmm i wonder what answers Burton will give me now! x

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    Lovely to hear the boy directly. And great to look back on. N just says 'don't know' to most questions, so hopefully by next year at 4, he'll be a bit more vocal.

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