Easter Crafts From Yellow Moon (Review)

There are a few times of year that really lend themselves well to craft for children; Christmas is one and Easter is the other. However, while children love creating items from basic materials, it can be quite daunting for some parents to visualise the finished item, or to see a piece of craft and work out what was used to make it. We've been sent some really easy Easter craft kits from Yellow Moon, yet they are incredibly effective; enough to satisfy children's crafty cravings, and calm parents' frazzled nerves.

Easter crafts

This Easter bunny kit includes two (different coloured) packs to create an Easter bunny pulling a cart which can be loaded with chocolate eggs, and used as a table decoration. We laid all of the different parts out on the table, and the instructions were so clear and easy to follow (visual, no writing) that The Boy was able to follow them without help. And at only £3.49 for two, it's the perfect craft to give little ones their independence when crafting. We filled the cart with Easter 'grass' in pastel shades and placed a pile of chocolate eggs inside.

Easter crafts

The second kit we've been getting crafty with is a pack of chick and bunny pop-out Easter cards, the perfect thing for doting grandparents! Very easy to create, The Boy was able to work out how he wanted to decorate them, and wrote it to his paternal grandparents again without assistance. Priced at £2.75 for eight cards, four of each design.

Easter cards

For a huge range of Easter craft kits and other resources, visit Yellow Moon's seasonal department.

I was provided with a range of products to review as a part of Yellow Moon Bloggers' Network, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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