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How do you select your reading material for holidays?

The idea of reading a themed book to suit the location of a holiday had never occurred to me until we were waiting in Heathrow for out flight to Italy about seven years ago. I was browsing the book stand in one of the many shops, and came across the book 'I Love Capri' by Belinda Jones. I'd never read any of her books before but as our destination was the Amalfi coast and a day trip to Capri then it seemed an apt book for a bit of holiday reading. It wasn't until we returned that I had the chance to finish the book, and in actual fact we planned another trip out there the following year visiting many of the places that the main character visited. It felt more real somehow; the holistic immersion into the culture of the people and the places we were visiting really made me appreciate where we were so much more.

Since then (and Mr. TBaM doesn't actually know this) we've had several holidays based entirely on the destinations mentioned in Miss. Jones' books! Remember that visit to the aquarium in Las Vegas dear husband? Just count yourself lucky that I didn't make you try and find the fancy dress shop to see if the owner was the same as the character in the book!

And if he wonders why there's a request to holiday in Argentina, Venice or Canada during the Winter Carnival, then I'm sure there'll be questions.

However, one thing that this revelation taught me is that reading a book set in the location of the holiday can really enhance the time spent in that country. Hidden titbits of information about the culture and the history are woven carefully through novels, and it is a far more interesting way to learn about the country than trying to devour the plethora of knowledge shared in Lonely Planet travel guides.

While you're plotting your holidays this year, why not determine your holiday reading material at the same time? The holiday book selector can help you find suitable novels based on the country you're visiting and the genre of literature you prefer.

Have a go at it, what book did it come up with for you?

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