Days 53 – 60 of Project 365

Days 53-60 of Project 365

53. Partners in Crime (This is one I had hoped to add by the time the post went live last week, but I had no chance so have added it into this week's batch. We went away to Coombe Mill for a few days with my brother and his family, and this is The Boy and Fiery Cousin – from Wild Family Fun – exploring the grounds.)

54. Simple Things (It doesn't matter what time of year it is, give children a spade and sand and they can ask for nothing more to make them happy! While the adults were making a fire and cooking hot chocolate, the children started digging to Australia.)

55. In Training (The Boy adores driving the tractor with Farmer Nick, and as we were the only people there this week he had plenty of opportunity.)

56. Natural Childhood (He couldn't be happier than one of the pigs in the muck behind him in this photo; he just needs the outdoors and freedom to explore and he is content beyond all measure.)

57. The Wonders of Nature (On the last day of our holiday we called into Boscastle for a few hours before the drive home. It's a beautiful little village, but the plaques showing the flood damage are shocking. We walked up to the point on the edge overlooking the harbour, climbed over the crest and saw one of the most amazing natural sights I've ever viewed. More in tomorrow's My Sunday Photo.)

58. Heston and Jamie (The Boy's friend from school came over to play and have tea, they decided to have fun with his play kitchen. Not sure who was more disbelieving; The Boy's friend or his mum; free play with baking powder, vinegar, shaving foam, flour, lemon juice, alka seltzer, lentils, etc.)

59. Just Chillin' (A busy day rushing around trying to find somewhere, anywhere, that we could get The Boy's holiday photos printed out for school resulted in a fraught mummy. We descended on the park for a calming ten minutes grounding and relaxation.)

60. Dough (The only time we've tried to make pizza in the past ended up in a rush and me not having enough time for it to prove, the result was a gelatinous mess which just wouldn't cook properly. Today The Boy and Mr. TBaM made the dough this morning, kneaded it good and proper, and we left it to prove for an afternoon. I don't think we're going to be buying pizzas again!)

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  1. says

    Lovely set of photos – I knew they would be seeing as you'd been to Cornwall, just a little bit envious! Home made pizzas are the best – I'm rubbish at them but luckily the OH is a whizz. We use a Hugh FW recipe – scrummy πŸ™‚

  2. says

    looks like you had a marvellous half term πŸ™‚ the ones of him tipping his cap and blowing his cheeks out at Boscastle are gorgeous. Sounds like a great stay at Coombe Mill – the beach is always fun whatever time of year. and the one of him making the dough is so cute – great light and reflections in the shot x

  3. says

    I had no doubt that you would have a wonderful time at Coombe Mill; some lovely shots there but the cheeky face with the cap is a lovely one. Loving the sound of the free play in the kitchen too,did they make anything interesting?

  4. says

    Love homemade pizza…we have pizza night every Friday! and I love that last picture of your wee man…I can't put my finger on it…the natural light, the apron and hat or his reflection in the window that captures his little tongue sticking out…it all just really makes for a glorious outcome for me.

    Looks like a lovely worthy rest at Coombemill and some glorious pictures. Him tipping his cap is just a great moment to capture really and really invites you to come along and have some fun.

  5. says

    How lovely spending time at Coombe Mill. It looks like you and the boy had a blast! Great photo's as usual. I love the last and the one oh the boy on the rocks!

  6. says

    Wonderful photos – Coombe Mill and the surrounding area looks so beautiful. Sounds like you had such a great time and The Boy looks very happy indeed!

  7. says

    the reflection pizza pic is brilliant, love the hat and the tongue in it. nice to get away with family for a break, glad you enjoyed it. I adore him blowing out his cheeks sat on the rock.

  8. says

    Sounds like you had a great time in Cornwall. I adore the picture on the wall in Boscastle. We have a picture of our girls paddling in the creek there on a canvas on our wall – it is a lovely spot. If you had ice-cream I hope you might have tried my cousin's Helsett Farm ice-cream – it's from very close by! Free play with all that stuff – very brave – I'm far too ocd for that one!

  9. says

    Another lovely selection of pictures – I love the tractor one, and the one of The Boy in his cap. Looks like you had a lovely holiday!

    If you have a bread maker you can make pizza dough in those – that's how I always do ours πŸ™‚

  10. says

    Lovely reading all the comments here about your visit last week and wonderful to see all the photos that I recognise. More of the same from me this week with your first rate tractor driver.

  11. says

    Absolutely devine set of photos. I think my favourite is the dough cooking in part because of the reflection in the window and the little tongue sticking out. My son still does that when he's concentrating hard and he's 16

  12. says

    I can see from the photos that the boy has been having an amazing time indoors and outdoors. My favourites are making the pizza and holding his cap. I've seen your Sunday photo – breathtaking.

  13. says

    Looks like you had a fab time at Coombe Mill and I love the picture in Bocastle – I will make sure we visit there when we go back. Love the reflection picture and do I spy your profile pic by the window? What actually is it?

  14. says

    What a great set of pics this week. I'm very jealous of you Coombe Mill visit! I particularly love pics 57 and 60. I have never attempted pizza from scratch with the kiddies, bet they'd love it! x

  15. says

    I'm very jealous that you've been to Coombe Mill again. I can't wait to go back. The photos are lovely. I love the last one of The Boy's reflection making pizza. Great idea.

  16. says

    gorgeous photos again as always this week, I love the coombe mill photos The Boy really looks in his element. I love that you can see the reflection of The Boy in the pizza making photo and that you can see his 'tongue of concentration'

  17. says

    So true kids + spade + beach = good times.
    We used to make pizzas too – Ninja Turtles were all the rage!! We used to make sweet ones too. Sprinkle some soft stewed apples over the base and sprinkle some crumble mix over the top – voila – apple pie pizza.
    We also used to spread bases with chocolate spread and put a few marshmallows on top – when it's heated the mallows melt and resemble mozzarella!!

  18. says

    Not jealous that you have been to coombe mill at all!!! SO want to go!

    Loving the kitchen picture this week with his reflection

  19. says

    What a fab half term. We'll be in Coombe in 4 weeks time and we can't wait.

    Boscastle looks a stunning little village and make try and make the effort to visit when we're down there.

  20. says

    Great photos! I love the one of him kneading the dough! And am very envious of your Coombe Farm trip – I spotted farmer Nick immediately! Sounds like an amazing week for you all. (PS pizza dough in a bread maker is the way to go – so simple and yet still fantastic!).

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