Samsung Mentorship With Gizzi Erskine

In the twelve years that I've been teaching, I've seen quite a few changes to the way in which the curriculum is delivered and how the education system works. One thing stays the same though as far as I am concerned: my job as a teacher is to help children fulfill their potential, or at least to understand that they have a potential to fulfill. To inspire them to explore, to understand. To feed their hunger for knowledge and develop their understanding of how their world works.

To drive them onwards to find the one thing that they have a talent for, and to be the best that they can, or want to, be in that area.

Teaching isn't about disseminating information. Not any more. Not in the 21st Century. It's about facilitating a child's desire to learn. It's about supporting them, being a mentor almost.

'Lifelong learning'.

Finally a phrase to show that people don't just develop an education in school, that it continues throughout their entire life. There are always opportunities to learn, to develop and to be the best that they can.

And in Britain we do love a tale of success. We like to see someone gain a reward for all their hard work, countless television programmes demonstrate that on a weekly basis. My personal favourite in recent months was a series which involved three well-known chefs mentoring catering students, maybe because inside me is a wannabe or repressed gastronomist, the same goes for most of us I suspect? I know I'm one of those cooks who looks at a picture in a recipe book, looks at the ingredients, checks my cupboard for what I really have and then makes it up as I go along.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Imagine having a successful mentor nurturing your talent? Imagine having that someone who can help you fulfill your potential, who will ensure you succeed?

Samsung is joining forces with the UK’s hottest talent to give people with a passion for food, film, music and photography, the opportunity of a lifetime. ‘Launching People’ will see pop-up chef and Sunday Times cook Gizzi Erskine, award-winning actor and producer Idris Elba, singer-songwriter Paloma Faith and portrait and fashion photographer Rankin, search for undiscovered British and Irish talent. They will act as mentors as they help food lovers, budding film makers, musical game changers and picture takers launch their brilliant ideas.

The chosen candidates will work with one of the four inspirational mentors to collaborate on a unique project. Their journey, from meeting the mentors to the launch of their project, will be documented in a television series to air later this year.

Further information is available in this video on YouTube also.

To apply you need to make a 2-minute video all about you and your ambition. This is your chance to show off your passion, your personality, and your project idea, to get the attention of our mentors. Then we just need an image and a bit of copy and you’re good to go.  You can find out more and upload your submission at

Up For Grabs – Two opportunities for everyone:

  1. The mentors will select four candidates with whom they’ll work one-to-one. The chosen protégés will spend 2-3 weeks together, working closely with their mentors in a house fully furnished with Samsung’s latest technology on their personal projects, building towards a grand launch event and making their ideas and ambitions a reality.
  2. And the public will get to vote for one winner in each category to receive £500 for personal tuition and Samsung technology up to the value of £2000.

This is a sponsored post.

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