Days 40 – 46 of Project 365

Days 40-46 of Project 365

40. The Boy (Playing on the beach at sunset, plopping pebbles and making sand angels. I love my son.)

41. New Glasses? (The Boy's teacher had expressed concerns about his eyesight so he had drops in to dilate his pupils for an in-depth test. Nothing the matter with them, thank goodness, which is lucky considering how dreadful his paternal family's eyesight is.)

42. Scoot (A scoot along the promenade at dusk to make sure we just managed a small amount of fresh air! We're so fed up of this rain!)

43. Two-can (We've received a Toucanbox to review – good to see how they've progressed since we first reviewed them – and The Boy was getting to grips with all the activities and where to start! It's a great after-school play activity for us.)

44. Cheese (Thought it was a bit different from the standard sleeping Boy shot!)

45. Jump (There are oodles of puddles on the pavement outside of school, it comes from the council being so God-damned awful at repairing the highways and walkways. It does make for fun and games on the way home though!)

46. Destined Besties? (These two here. Born 11 hours and 55 minutes apart. In the same hospital. One room apart. Shared a pre-delivery room. Shared a post-delivery ward. Live one street away. Best friends in school. The absolute best friends. And his mum and I only discovered their connection a month ago.)

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  1. says

    he looks different in all the photos today! that first one is just beautiful the lighting and his furry hat and his whute skin it is lovely. and I adore the story of him and his bestest friend and how it all connects together – amaizng and what a small world (well town!!). x

  2. says

    I guess in the first one he was cold, I love the ruddiness to his cheeks, he is turning into one handsome young man, gone is the wee boy look. Glad he does not need glasses, but you were wise to get him tested.
    Amazing how there is a link with his best friend, When my 2nd daughter was born ( a month early) the woman who lived down the stairs from me was in at the same time. There was 30 hrs between them, yet dates wise there should have been 6 weeks as her wee boy was 2 weeks late. They played togehter all the time until we moved.

  3. says

    Ah we are very much used to eye tests in this house with Aly. So far she's had about 10.

    I love the last photo and the amazing story that goes with it. We had that before with one of Aly's school friends, you forget what a small World it is.

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