Days 33 – 39 of Project 365

Days 33-39 of Project 365

33. Timing (You'd think I've called this photo 'Timing' because of the good capture? Nope, it's ironic. I was aiming to get both of them splashing at the same time, but do you know how hard it is to get two children to play ball with a muddy puddle?)

34. Sprinkles (I had a go at making marshmallow from scratch last weekend, and set it up to photograph on Monday. Easy, yes? Not when I'd used pectin instead of gelatin so it was vegetarian but it's not such a good setting agent. When I was trying to coat it in the mixture it started glooping, acting quickly I put it in the fridge, went and set up the shoot and rushed the marshmallow through. Then I had to invoke the emergency spoons to contain it!)

35. Baby-faceย (A tired Boy after school today, he reminded me just how little he still is.)

36. Quiet Moment (The Boy absolutely loves his Tidy Books book box – competition live over here – and it was so lovely to see him sit down next to the box of his own accord, pick up a book and start to explore it himself. I've looked forward to this moment since having a child. That's after he'd built a tree up the wall out of train track. As you do.)

37. Focus (Bath time is becoming a real battle with The Boy. Not just bath time, but bedtime in general. We've moved getting ready for bed forward by 15 minutes from 7pm as there was just too much stroppiness. He looks really calm here, but dear God when he has to get out? Hell on Earth! He holds on to the bath taps, won't let go and you wouldn't believe how strong he is! Mr. TBaM has to call me to help him, otherwise The Boy is going to hurt himself.)

38. Ahoy there Cap'n (My obsession with ride-ons continues!)

39. Fresh (Today has not been a good day generally. It started well but then I became all depressed and could have locked myself away forever never to be found by anyone. Eventually I 'faked it until I could make it' and we managed to get to Barry Island for a huge blow through. I felt so much better afterwards, which just goes to prove the findings of the UNICEF survey which highlighted children in the UK as the most depressed in the western world in conjunction with the fact that we're the third worst in the world at getting children out doors. We all felt a damn sight better for the 'fresh air' i.e. 50mph+ gales.)

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  1. says

    I love the contrast between baby face where The Boy looks so young to quiet moment where he looks so grown up. I'm sure he's getting more grown up with each passing week.
    The mud and beach look like so much fun too

  2. says

    That first picture really is awesome. Bed times sound rough. My wee man has his moments and I know what you mean by strength. So glad the fresh air helped…hope you continue to feel bouyed by it.

  3. says

    Oh man. "Fake it till you make it" is my motto for life. And the weird thing is that after a while you are able to stop acting. Aslo weird is that two of the things adults love most – bathing and bed – become the battleground of the young. Life. I think I'll go jump in a puddle of mud. That looks like fun

  4. says

    That first picture is just fabulous- the timing looks just right! I also love the reading one – including the rather inventive train track tree! They will always push at bedtimes I think and you are so right about the fresh air – we really need to get out in it here!

  5. says

    i love that big mud splash its just fantastic. both boys hate getting out of the bath and both are strong and i normally get wet! sorry you felt down yesterday – hope you are ok now? x

  6. says

    That first "timing" photo is amazing. Looks like the boy is being blown away in the last one and I love the bath shot – shame my taps are the wrong side to recreate that

  7. says

    Love the mud splash photo. Another, where like last week, it wasn't what you were going for but it's fabulous all the same.
    The bath shot is really cool too, great perspective.
    Another great set of pics. x

  8. says

    I love a good puddle photo and that first one is great! Also love the focus on the bath time one as it makes it so different. My little boy is the same at bath/bed time – kicks and screams when it's time to get out of the bath, makes for some very long and tiring evenings!

  9. says

    That first pic! Love it! My boy loves baths, he is in there for a really long time almost every day, he loves digging in the mud then a nice warm bubbly long bath, now that he is getting older it's easier to get him out but I totally remember the grabbing onto the taps phase lol

  10. says

    Thats a great all in one suit, and yes the fresh air blowing you and freezing you on a beach is kind of therapeutic. glad it helped your mood.
    Love the tree track, rather novel.
    The muddy puddle splashing is brilliant, and look at the joy on both their faces.

  11. says

    I can fully empathise with your feelings on day 39. I felt like that most of the week. The weather doesn't help does it?
    I love the photo of The Boy exploring his books. We used to have a big box of books too and both our boys were active library members too.
    I think you should keep the Brio tree!

  12. says

    The timing looks perfect in the first one and it's great to see them making full use of the muddy puddles. I really must try those marshmallow stirrers.

    He looks so peaceful while sitting reading his books, Aly is exactly the same.

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