Vanish Gold Challenge (Review)

My twitter bio starts with 'part-time teacher, full-time mum'. What I don't include in the description is the housework bit, because quite frankly it's a bit boring. However, as for all parents fitting in the housework and laundry is a weekly battle. When The Boy started school, I vowed that I would have all the laundry done on Fridays so that I actually had the time to spend with him over the weekends, and not be faced with radiators full of drying clothes ready to be ironed on Sunday evening. To that end we invested in a tumble dryer to ensure the job was completed on time. Anything to make life easier!

So imagine my happiness when I was sent a tub of Vanish Gold Oxi-Action to try out…

Vanish Gold Challenge

… and then my consternation when I realised what they wanted me to do with the beetroot.

Now because I am a little stubborn (just like stains) and don't like to do what I'm asked, I decided to deviate from the intended plan of dropping beetroot juice on the gorgeous napkin slightly. Mainly because we don't eat beetroot in our house, and also because I know there are a few more stubborn stains I encounter weekly:

Marmite, baked beans, tomato ketchup, hot chocolate, and of course the assigned beetroot.

Vanish Gold Challenge

Using the Vanish Gold Oxi-Action is very simple and quick; use one heaped teaspoon of the powder mixed with a third of a scoop (provided) of warm water (I found boiled water worked better), and stir for a few minutes. Apply the solution to the entire surface of the stain and use the specially designed nobbles on the back of the scoop to rub the solution into the stain. Then rinse the fabric in a bowl of water and wash as normal.

As you can see above the stains were pretty stubborn and offensive, the oxi-action solution bubbled and fizzed well in the scoop and rubbed in well to the stain. I put the napkin in the machine straight away on a normal 40°C wash and this was the result:

Vanish Gold Challenge

As good as new!

Of course, the true test of anything sent for review is when you need to use it genuinely because your mother didn't tell you that The Boy had spilled hot chocolate down the arm of his school sweater. And she didn't put it in to soak. And it just went in the machine and the stain was then 'set' in.

That's just what you want to find on a Friday evening at 9pm when you're doing the ironing.


Vanish Gold Challenge Hot chocolate

See? Vanish Gold Oxi-Action really does work wonders!

If you've got a stubborn stain that just won't shift, pop over to Vanish Tips for some handy hints and guidance.

I was sent these products (and have received a fee for my time) for the purpose of this challenge, my opinions are honest and unbiased.

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