Days 5 – 11 of Project 365

5-11 of 365

5. Flutter (Of all the toys that The Boy received at Christmas, the £1.99 plastic men with a plastic parachute attached to their back are his favourite by far. He will happily spend an hour floating them down and then going and fetching them to start all over again. And those aren't Christmas lights still up as I took all my decorations down; those are fairy lights that I put back up to brighten the hallway.)

6. Happiness Is… (… was the topic for his Christmas homework and so in true last minute style we sat down to do it on Monday afternoon. The Boy decided that happiness is Christmas because he likes having people over. He wrote all of that independently.)

7. The Weekly Stock Shot #1 (First day back at work and I didn't have time to take a photo other than once The Boy was in bed asleep; my fall back photograph! I was also demonstrating to someone on twitter how to use a torch light angled and no flash on the camera as it creates a softer photograph than with flash light, and doesn't wake your sleeping child!)

8. Concentration (A little sand art was the perfect after school activity, and I love this photograph because of the concentration throughout his body.)

9. Reflecting (I took delivery of the reflector pack that I'd ordered from ebay today (having read A Party Of Seven's post about bouncing light around). It's a cheap pack but I didn't want to spend much when I'm getting used to the technique of using reflectors. The light in our house is so dim and there are so many shadows that I decided we'd try to bounce some light around. In this photograph I've used the black as a backdrop and he's sat on the gold reflector which adds warmth to his face.)

10. The Weekly Stock Shot #2 (Feeding the swans on a Friday after school has become a habit of ours, they were certainly very hungry tonight.)

11. Oh Mummy! (Again another tip from A Party Of Seven is to have something silly on your head or around the camera lens to obtain a natural shot of your child's reaction. The Boy was clambering all over the old dock machinery in Cardiff Bay today and was pulling some ridiculous faces as I tried to get a decent photo of him. I bunged his dinosaur hat on my head and called him; this is what he thought of my new headwear.)

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  1. says

    Love the torch idea for bedtime photos. I have 'Brightest Flashlight' app on my phone and that would certainly be bright enought for these type of shots

  2. says

    thats one happy smiley boy on the machinery. love how you got him to smile.
    The parachute will get him exercised then. yes you spend a large amount of money and they play with the cheap, lesson to be learnt there maybe.
    I love your sleepy pictures.

  3. says

    I wish The Boy had a camera so we could see the reverse shot of the Dinosaur on Head. I found for many years that there was no limit to the number of times I would get a reaction from saying something like "Say Stinky Undies"

  4. says

    The boy's writing is incredible so neat and legible. He looks so peaceful in the sleeping shot, and so grown up in Thursdays shot. I think you would have got that reaction off me too if I'd looked up to see you in a dinosaur hat, but seriously I might steal that idea when trying to photograph the boys.

  5. says

    fantastic writing and a wonderful sentiment too. i like his new coat and todays photo of him sat astride the dock machinery is just wonderful he looks so haooy and it is lovely to see sunshine . i like that you have added fairy lights to your hallway!! x

  6. says

    I remember playing for hours on the stairs with parachute men, I loved calling out for someone to pick him up and pass him back through the bannister! Kids love it when we wear silly hats and put things on our heads, I have great fun with friends little 'uns 🙂

  7. says

    I love that last shot! It is so awesome.

    I totally agree that sometimes the best way to get good expressions from your kids is to do something unexpected or say something silly. This becomes especially helpful when you have more than one kid you are trying to get to look at you at the same time!

  8. says

    Mine love the parachute men too, sadly our stairs are not the best for throwing them down. I love the last picture…..trying to imagine you with a dinosaur hat on your head now!

  9. says

    I love his writing, and how nice that what he enjoyed about Christmas was having people over 🙂

    Also love the expression you've captured in the last shot – I'll need to remember that technique with mine.

  10. says

    More fabulous tips!

    Our flat is pretty dim as well, except in our lounge. I may have to purchase some reflectors and I love the idea of looking silly to get a child to laugh. Harry poses but his eyes are always shut!

  11. says

    I love day 9's photo and I may have to invest in some of those light reflectors as we have poor light in our house too. I love the homework about Christmas, that is so sweet.

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