Days 342 – 348 of Project 365

Days 342-348 of Project 365

342. Reach For The Stars (We ventured over to Cardiff Bay to the Christmas Food Market set out in the old dock basin. There were a few small, fairground rides there and The Boy relished the opportunity to try out this jumping trampoline ride thingy. I love the silhouette against the stormy sky.)

343. Burp (Reviewing a game sent to us from Orchard Toys, The Boy found it very amusing that the gorilla burps after feeding it junk food!)

344. My Little Star (This is The Boy performing in his first Christmas concert. I took photographs of him walking up and down onto the stage that showed off his costume better, but this is the picture that I love because of the sincerity on his face, filled with the effort of getting it right. I'm so proud of him for fully taking part as he was so petrified during the Harvest service he could only cope with standing on the stage.)

345. Homemade Gifts (I've written in the past about the significance of giving teachers presents to acknowledge their hard work, I decided that we'd make some lovely ornaments for The Boy's teachers and LSAs. With four teachers to buy for, and additional Reception staff, it would never have been cheap and I don't know enough about them to buy a worthwhile present. I thought Christmas tree decorations would be a good idea as they're resuable and show care and attention on his part.)

346. RUDE! (Our weekly trip to feed the swans saw an extremely cheeky seagull swoop in to grab a stray piece of bread lying on the boardwalk. The Boy was incensed!)

347. Wriggler (A busy day Christmas shopping with my mum in Cardiff, taking The Boy to a classmate's house for tea and then me swanning off to Cardiff Bay saw me sneaking a last minute photograph of a wriggling Boy in his sleep.)

348. Family Days Out (On a day when the blogging world is remembering a special blogger and her legacy of Family Frolics, it seemed very fitting to me that we spent the day with extended family; my brother and his family. I'd bought Mr. TBaM a segway driving experience for his birthday and we finally redeemed it with my sister-in-law joining him on a device which I would be useless on. My brother, niece, The Boy and I explored the other adventure activities possible in the centre and made a vow to come back and try the zip wire out when the children are a little bit older. We finished off the day with a lovely meal in a newly-opened restaurant nearby. A wonderful family day out.)

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  1. says

    You are right. The bungy trampoline shot against the stormy sky is a beauty and I love the Christmas concert shot – he's really playing the part there. As for Segways – you might have surprised yourself. I am officially the world's most awkward and uncoordinated person and I picked it up quite easily. If I can do it anyone can

  2. says

    Well done The Boy for getting up there and joining in, obviously growing in confidence. He looks about 60 ft tall in the first picture dwarfing the buildings behind him
    Love your niece, the mischief shines out.

  3. says

    The school production looks amazing and what a handsome little star. Adore the trampoline photo too and what a cheeky pair in your family frolics photo

  4. says

    the trampoline shot is stunning and i adore him as a star and your costume is lovely, much better than my ready made bough one! and homemade tree ornaments is a lovely idea – I am still deciding hat B can give to his teachers x x

  5. says

    Love your little star!
    I was really disappointed that I couldn't get any photos of my 'eastern dancer' in her nativity. 135 children on stage, no photos during the performance and a scrum if 135 parents all trying to take a photo during the permitted last song πŸ™
    Fab photos as always but live the bouncing boy silhouette and you cherky niece!

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