Bruce The Spruce: A Christmas Tree Review

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With Christmas just over a month away I'm starting to make plans for the festive season, as I'm sure most mums are. Finding the decorations shouldn't be that much of a problem as they are still in the spare bedroom from last Christmas, waiting for me to sort them out before putting them in the attic.

Rather a large fail there then on my part.

However, my husband will have to go in the attic to get down the artificial tree that we have had for around eight years; it's one of those with a central 'trunk' that the branches are hung off and then plumped up. I've written about it before, and affectionately call it 'The Beast' due to it's gargantuan size and the length of time it takes to construct, but it is beginning to break in places and I have an impatient four year old this year who might not be happy to wait around for two hours while I construct the actual tree before being able to decorate it.

Therefore I was more than happy to be offered another artificial Christmas tree to review in the shape of the Alberta Pine Artificial Tree. During half-term The Boy and I (see, I can be grammatically correct when need be) had fun constructing our new tree.

Christmas tree

It's a decent size and quality artificial tree, consisting of three parts with the branches already attached which fold down and are plumped out to add depth to the foliage. It took us around twenty minutes to put together with The Boy able to help with a lot of it, and when completed it stood at a good height and width; The Boy loved it. There seems to be plenty of space for decorations to fill the tree up, although I felt it was a little sparse in the middle near the trunk. I would also have liked a bit more variation in the types of 'spruce' covering the tree, but there are plenty of other trees in the range which fulfill this.

Priced at £49.99 (down from the original price of £79.99) it is a good quality tree, and fits well into modern-sized rooms. It is advertised as being six foot tall which might be a little generous; I'm 5ft 10" tall and looked the very top of the tree eye-to-eye. However, what's a few inches between friends at Christmas time?

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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