Days 300 – 306 of Project 365

300-306 of 365

2nd November 2013 (Saturday)

300. Glee (Pure joy as The Boy flings Autumn leaves into the air at the National Trust site of Tyntesfield.)

301. Town Planner (The start of our half-term craft and play project.)

302. It's High Up Here! (Standing aloft a bale of hay at Yeo Valley with Burton and Jenson from Mummy Mishaps.)

303. Landscape Architect (Continuing our craft and play project where The Boy initiated his first ever written word without any prompting; bottom left he wrote a label on the cardboard.)

304. Pumpkin Driller (Little boys who are four aren't old enough to carve a pumpkin, so we drilled holes in it instead.)

305. Five Dec-car (He wanted to make a five decker car. Because he's four and he can.)

306. Hold On (We were in Reading for the Matilda Mae Welly Walk in Beale Park, and went off exploring with Laura from Tired Mummy of Two and her family. This is The Boy and Elizabeth squealing with laughter while Tired Daddy of Two pushed them.)

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  1. says

    I also want to make a five decker car but because I am not five and I don't have The Boy's imagination and patience I probably never will. Great shots again

  2. says

    leaves bring such joy, I love kicking through them. I recognised the bale of hay from Jensen and Burton and I love the five decker car.
    Next year you will need to let him loose with his dads drill for the pumpkin. Hope everybody enjoyed Saturday.

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