Days 279 – 285 of Project 365

279 - 285 of 365

279. Sunset Splash (Having taken my niece and nephew on their first conker hunting session of the season, the three of us then went down to Barry Island for a chippy tea. We of course had to paddle in the sea, although The Boy had difficulty understanding it would be too cold to take our shoes off at this time of year. He ended up splashing around in his boots instead. And when I say splashing in his boots, I do mean in; there was three inches of water in each boot.)

280. Eye-Eye (Magnifying glasses are such fun!)

281. Construction (The Boy was having a great time tonight constructing an aeroplace. He very rarely constructs anything without guidance or a picture to work from, so I was pleased to see him having a go.)

282. Greedy Guts (A quick after school trip to the local nature reserve to feed the swans, they are very greedy and reach up to grab the scraps from the boardwalk.)

283. Concentrating Mummy! (We revisited the nature reserve to film The Boy tree-climbing for a National Trust project that I'm collaborating on, and were very happy to find a new, perfect tree with low sweeping branches and thick boughs.)

284. Homework (Those who follow me on Instagram will know of my ongoing concerns about when The Boy's school was going to introduce homework, as he has been able to read since May, and I am eager to give him the opportunity to develop his interest. Tonight we had his first homework; a worksheet which he had to practise his 'S' formation on. We decided that was a little boring so got out the shaving foam in the bath!)

285. Wait For Me! (Where Fiery Cousin goes, The Boy must follow! A wonderful afternoon at Dyffryn Gardens, the local National Trust site.)

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  1. says

    Its always the way when there are older ones to follow they push their own boundaries, which sometimes can be good, sometimes bad. Most parents dread homework. great magnifying glass picture

  2. says

    that magnifying photo is clever how we can see his eye magnified. i also love the first one of him wading into the sea with his wellies and with no cares in the world. you are good getting out and about after school xx

  3. says

    Love the sun bouncing off the sea and the boy having a paddle.
    He looks a bit stuck in that tree, but love the one of him following his cousin xx

  4. says

    I am so envious that you love so close to the sea!! I would love that!

    Love that tree climbing pic….looks like one fun tree to climb!

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