Packed Lunches Made Easy With Jungle Dogs

Back in August we were lucky enough to be invited to an event in Longleat Safari Pack to launch a brand new, meaty chilled hot dog called 'Jungle Dogs'.

While there are plenty of cured hot dog sausages on the market, Jungle Dogs are significantly better quality as they are made with quality cuts of pork, naturally smoke, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Significantly it contains no MRM (mechanically recovered meat) which has been used in hot dogs since the 1960s and isn't a very nice thing at all.

At the jungle-themed event, the hotdogs were presented in a number of different ways for the children, designed to tempt and tantalise their tender tastebuds.

Jungle Dogs selection

  • Jungle Skewers: alternate chunks of Jungle Dogs, cucumber, yellow pepper, and cherry tomato onto a mini skewers.
  • Jungle Potato Salad: Mix chopped Jungle Dogs, cooked sliced potato, red onion, crème fraîche and mayonnaise.
  • Wild Lunchbox Wrap: Spread soft cheese or hummous onto a wrap, grate carrot over the top, roll a Jungle Dog up from one end of the wrap.
  • Lion Bites: Mix ketchup and soft cheese and spread over two slices of bread, slice Jungle Dogs over the bread and make a sandwich, use a paw print or lion cutter to make a wild shape.
  • Snake Eyes: As with the wraps, spread slices of salami with soft cheese, place a Jungle Dog at one end and roll up. Secure with a cocktail stick.

I've made the skewers and the snake eyes for The Boy for a tea-time meal or light snack, and they've gone down very well. I've also made him the lunchbox wrap several times and he really enjoys them. I am getting bored of making sandwiches for him, I'm sure he's bored of eating them. A Wild Lunchtime Wrap is a far more exciting thing to see in his lunchbox.

Hot Dog Wraps

Many thanks to Jungle Dogs for inviting us along to the event, The Boy had a great time tasting the yummy hot dogs which Mr. TBaM said were incredibly firm, moist and tasy (I'm vegetarian so couldn't try them). And with 85% pork in them, I'm reassured that The Boy is eating a quality sausage.

Jungle Dogs

We were invited to, and received free entry into, Longleat for this event, and received several packs of sausages and a goody bag. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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