It's Scrunching Time!

Pegging out the washing on the line earlier, The Boy came running up to me and presented me with a yellow leaf. He asked why it was yellow, and I explained that it was because Autumn was coming and during that time the leaves turn yellow and fall from the trees. He quickly realised that it meant Summer was ending and complained because, "I like Summer and it means we get to play outside a lot!" (I should probably point him at any of our outdoor play posts from the past twelve months to illustrate that the weather doesn't phase us!)

I do like Autumn, it brings with it new curiosities and wonders of nature, and is a great time of year to expand a child's knowledge and understanding of their world. We love hunting for conkers and being the ones to discover an unopened spiky case, the first people ever in the world to see that shiny, chestnut brown conker. We also have a great hunt for acorns, but they have to still be in their cup; there are far too many conkers that fall and ditch their cup on the way, and somehow they're not quite so magical then!

The other aspect of this time of year that we love is scrunching through mounds of golden and russet leaves.

27th october 2012

I'm the type of person who wears sandals until November (unless it's raining) but even I know it's not sensible to kick piles of leaves around in anything other than Autumn boots, goodness only knows what treasures lie beneath.

So what's the first sign of Autumn you've seen?

image 2

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