Easy Summer Craft Kits From Yellow Moon (Review)

We've recently been sent some products from Yellow Moon, the arts and crafts suppliers, to try out over the Summer holidays. With a week still left of the holidays, there's still plenty of time to get crafty with your children using these simple Summer craft kits; they range from ten minutes to hour long activities which are easy time-fillers and don't cost the Earth.

Carnival Glasses

Carnival Glasses

In the foam glasses kit there are six different coloured foam glasses, it doesn't come with decorations supplied so it does mean having to find sequins, feathers, etc to decorate them with. However, this then means for greater personalisation depending upon the occasion. We decided to make carnival glasses, but they could easily be used for a clown party, etc. The best part about these glasses is that the arms fold out on a hinge, rather than bend like some cheaper plastic glasses. It means they stay on a lot more easily when worn!

At £3.60 for six glasses, these would be perfect as an activity at a birthday party, creating an instead party favour!

Ice-Cream Windmills

Paper windmills

This paper windmill kit comes with six windmill templates in two colours, six plastic sticks in two colours, six ice-cream fasteners in two designs, and six plastic stoppers or hinges. It's relatively easy to make and take approximately five-ten minutes to construct one, depending upon how much assistance is given. The Boy needed a little help to stop the windmill sections from pinging off the central spoke once attached, and to accentuate the curve a little more to allow the windmill to spin.

A well-priced kit at £2.99 with everything included to make six attractive ice-cream windmills.

Bunting T-Shirt

Bunting t-shirt

Using the Berol fabric crayons and the 3D fabric paints, we decided to create some bunting for the front of one of The Boy's old t-shirts. The crayons were a little tricky to use over the fabric and so I had to hold the fabric tight for The Boy but they were very easy to colour with, not stiff and gave a deep vibrant colour. The fabric paint pens were easy to control and dried leaving a three-dimensional appearance.

Berol fabric crayons are £3.99 and contain 12 colours, the Carioca Art 3D fabric paints cost £3.99 for six.

I was sent the above products to review as part of the Yellow Moon Craft Bloggers Network. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Jackie says

    The carnival glasses are great! This could be a great party idea and give the children something to take home rather than a party bag.

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