Days 230-236 of Project 365

230-236 of 365

230. Plopping (Following on from my brother's goodbye before he emigrates to Australia, I phoned my eldest brother to ask if he'd like to do something. We went to Southerndown beach further long the coast, which is one of my favourite beaches in Wales. The Boy and his Fiery Cousin plunged straight into the enormous rockpool splashing about, followed by a brief picnic and a quick departure from the beach as the tide was rapidly coming in; thank goodness for the RNLI warning klaxon. We then explored the ruined castle on the cliffs before plopping some stones into the tumultuous waves. One sibling may be moving to the other side of the world, but I still have two here to appreciate.)

231. The End Is In Sight (We went to Longleat for a Jungle Dogs event, and although we didn't venture into the safari, we did decided to have a go at the hedge maze. Big mistake. It's supposed to take 45 minutes, but after 55 minutes we were losing the will to live I was beginning to feel tetchy and claustrophobic, when fortunately The Boy found the 'This Way Out' sign. We finally crossed the final bridge to freedom!)

232. Small World (Tuesday was a quiet day after the frantic weekend travelling around the country, involving lots of outdoor play with The Boy's Playmobil pirates and the tuff spot. I love the reflection in this photo.)

233. Full (I decided to finally try out my hand at taking a photograph of the full moon using my tripod and the long – 55-250mm – lens that my husband bought me for my birthday. I'm quite pleased with the clarity of it, what do you think?)

234. Grip (We had a go at decorating a t-shirt for a review and I had to hold the fabric down and stretch it out to make it possible for The Boy to draw on. I like this photo for a few reasons; his pencil grip is cute, and I love the way he's holding my hand, his hand looks so small against mine.)

235. Manual (That photo there of The Boy balancing on a blue pole? I took than on manual settings. Fully manual. Not TV or AV or P. But M. For manual. Me.)

236. Drill (We've been doing a craft activity today which involves The Boy using a hand drill for the first time. I was stretched upwards with my camera pointing down to take an overhead view, and hadn't realised that he was so curious about it coming through the underneath, he'd ducked down. I like his inquisitive nature.)

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  1. says

    Such a beautiful set of photos this week, they are all lovely. That first one is gorgeous and I love the manual shot too, it is really good and the Boy looks so grown up.

  2. says

    Love the beach shot and am very much looking forward to some beach action later next week (about time).
    Very impressed with your manual photos! I haven't yet been brave enough and haven't had my proper camera out for weeks. Must try harder! You've inspired me (yet again) x

  3. says

    oh i just adore that first photo – taken at such a good angle and the colours and the textures and stances of the children – its such a good photo. and look how much older the boy looks with his shorter hair – still as handsome though. the hand on hand is cute and the arch of his head in the last photo.
    the maze experience sounds stressful!!! x

  4. says

    Some very impressive photos once more but of course I am most imprssed with the use of M. Until recently I didn't know the camera had one of those. I ventured into that territory once this week (but it's now back on my favourite sports mode)

  5. says

    Love the tuff spot picture – looks like a fun activity too. Must try that with our playmobil. He's looks like he's suddenly moved on physically. He's looking taller, stronger and more mature.

  6. says

    I do love your Moon photo, my favourite is the one with the drill, I love how you get a sense of what he was thinking with the drill and how curious he is about it

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