20 Ideas For Summer Fun

We've got just over a week until I go back to school. Normally I treasure this last week with him, while desperately trying to deny that I'm looking forward to some regular adult contact that isn't my mum or husband. However this year, I'm hoping that the time really drags as a day after I return to work (for an INSET day), The Boy will start school for the first time. And I must confess that while it is a fun and exciting prospect for him, I see the next fourteen years zooming along through primary and secondary schools towards adulthood.

I may be overthinking it somewhat.

That's why I am desperately trying to fill our last week with as many activities as possible; to make memories together and enjoy every second. I've still got a bank of activities that we can crack on with including cooking and craft, however after four weeks, even my 'toolkit' of ideas is beginning to feel a little empty!

Next weekend though is a special treat weekend for The Boy as he hasn't stopped asking to go to Peppa Pig World since around Easter time, and so I have planned for us to have a trip down to Southampton to visit the special pink porcine and her family. It's a fair old trek down to Southampton from Cardiff and so I'll be making sure I've packed a variety of activities for The Boy; it's far too easy to put on the DVD player to keep him amused for an hour and half. I do have a feeling though that as I will be spending around eight hours listening to Peppa and her family snort while queuing to ride on George's Dinosaur, I need a back-up plan so I'm not subject to endless renditions of the music on the way down. I've found in the past that packing a rucksack with activities for amusement, can be a great tip to make travel easier for children and parents.

Until that trip though, we're going to fill our days with painting, craft, cooking, play and visits to the park and beach. If anyone else is struggling for ideas on how to keep their little ones amused until the beginning of term, here are some great activities to help create a fun-filled last week of the Summer holidays!

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    yes your childrens lives do rush by far far to quick, they will be off your hands all to soon. Nice that you want to enjoy him while you can, so many parents wish their kids lives away and want rid all to quick.

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