Days 209-215 of Project 365


209-215 of 365

3rd August 2013 (Saturday) for web

209. This Is New (We went to Oxwich Bay with my brother and his family for the day. The Boy's aunty is an outdoor adventure instructor working in a variety of fields and she has been trained in 'beach school' education, so was keen to share her knowledge. We had an amazing day finding anemones, urchins, cockles, and crabs!)

210. Perspective (Off to Parc Play, one of our favourite places to go and far better than soft play! Wooden forts, zip wires, slides, sand pits, pirate ships; all outdoors or under cover. We were meeting up with a friend and her little boy who is a year older than The Boy. We haven't seen them in some time and it was interesting to see how The Boy, who was left behind physically last year, was capable of doing things that his friend couldn't. Well he could by the time we'd finished with him!)

211. Friendship (We visited Yeo Valley HQ in the Mendips today with a bunch of other bloggers to see how they are working with the Woodland Trust. It was great to meet up with Jenny and Burton again, and The Boy and he got straight up to mischief with a tempting pipe.)

212. Workspace (We've borrowed a tuff-spot and stand from the nursery at work for the Summer, definitely The Boy's new work space!)

213. David Bellamy (On Tuesday we did a leaf hunt at Yeo Valley and The Boy has been fascinated with finding different leaves ever since; he spotted the silver birch in our garden and ran to get the sheet to identify it.)

214. Focus (Today my special treat to myself arrived: a fixed focus 50mm lens for my dSLR. I have been quite sceptical about it, not really understanding what the difference would be between my 18-55mm and this. Now I get it! The depth of field is far more pronounced with this lens, as you can see from the photo above which was taken in our local nature reserve. We nipped down there to feed the swans and have lunch with my mum. I actually love this lens, and I adore this photo; it's going up on the wall.)

215. Heaven (And we're finally here! I wanted to leave home at 9am to travel down to Coombe Mill but a late night and sleepy heads this morning meant we left late. It took 3.5hrs to do the 2hrs down to Trago Mills, where we had good fun on the rides, steam train and shopping, and then a further 1.5 hours to get here. It then took thirty minutes to wait for our fish and chips before we could actually arrive at Coombe Mill. But oh my, it's all worth it!)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks, just such a shame that I haven't been able to use the lenses properly! Hopefully from tomorrow onwards, I will!

  1. says

    Oxwich Bay is one of my husband's favourite beaches, we have been a couple of times and it is really lovely. Those fish and chips look lovely, I hope you have a lovely week.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks, we're having a great time. And I agree about Oxwich, just such a lovely place and so easy to get to. But let's not tell everyone!

  2. says

    Love the last pic, it's really beautiful. Hope you have a great time at Coombe mill and get wait to see your pics. That lens is really good isn't it? Makes your beautiful photos more beautifuller!!

  3. says

    that photo of Burton and the boy makes me smile because i had no idea that they had both done this!
    and what a great photo for perspective is – such a great view through thr lens. and i love the one of him on that walkway surrounded by the long grass. and those fish and chips are making me peckish enjoy your stay x x

  4. says

    Wonderful pictures as always. I also love the focus,image, it is really lovely, not surprised you want it for the wall. Have a lovely holiday!

  5. says

    Hop eyou have a lovely holiday and please say Hi from me.
    I love your new lens too by the way. On my Christmas wish list. The shots you have been producing are amazing and do love Dof.

  6. says

    I recognise that bridge over the little stream at Coombe Mill. Wish I was there with you. And that picture of The Boy is adorable. Know nothing about cameras or the technical shizzle – but that is one gawjus picture xxx

  7. says

    I think this might be my favourite collage of yours so far. Lovely outdoor play shots, some fantastic photography and your beautiful boy's smile. Those fish and chips have made me really hungry though. Have a fabulous time at Coombe Mill xx

  8. says

    wow another fun filled busy week, all these memories you are building, no amount of money could buy. Recognised Burton, and its amazing what a difference a year makes.
    Enjoy your holiday at Coombe Mill

  9. says

    It will go down in history as THE WEEK THE LENS CAME. In fact, history may need to be re-dated from this event… πŸ˜‰ (I love the big one of The Boy. That swing of the arms…!)

  10. says

    When you posted the photo of The Boy at your local reserve earlier in the week I loved it and love it more in the collage. i so want a new lens. Have a lovely holiday πŸ™‚

  11. says

    Gorgeous photos!
    Love the focus from your new lens- you may have to write a post soon about your photography skills (please!).
    Love the nature reserve shot, but to love the perspective from Parc.

  12. says

    So lovely to have you here, feel like I have taken over your day a little and for that I apologize. Promise to leave you in peace tomorrow, you are just such easy company and Guy really enjoyed playing with The Boy.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      You absolutely have not! It's lovely to spend time with you and chat freely and, as you say, easily. You're family is lovely, great to spend time with you.

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