Days 174-180 of Project 365

174-180 of 365

174. Spiderman (We were fortunate enough to have a day sightseeing in London following the Britmums conference, and managed a trip on the London Eye for The Boy to locate the places he'd seen with Mr. TBaM the day before. Afterwards we were able to finally visit the Jubilee Gardens at its base, which we'd seen being built last year.)

175. Digging for Treasure (A simple day playing in the house and garden after an exhausting weekend. Nothing is better at the moment than digging for treasure. Especially with Toy Story sunglasses and a genuine pirate hat.)

176. Speedy (An absolutely beautiful evening meant that we were able to nip down to the local nature reserve, feed the swans and practice bike-riding amongst the bullrushes and bamboo.)

177. Playmobil World (More pirates, I know. What can I say? He's loving the hat at the moment. However, I returned home from work today to discover nearly every single piece of Playmobil he owns all spread out in the dining room, and 'pirate caves' created in the Ikea shelving. I love that his imagination is starting to kick in.)

178. Pavement artist (A simple activity which I often forget about; chalk drawing and writing on the patio, focusing on over-writing letters.)

179. On Target (We created a reward chart for The Boy this week, focusing not on behavioural issues, but on time and personal management. Having been for his Reception induction last week I'm very aware that he needs to speed up the rate at which he eats his meals – apart from anything else, the hour is driving us mad – as he won't have time in his lunch break to be chivied along. We've set him the target of eating within thirty minutes, and he's managed it at every mealtime! Other targets are getting dressed by himself – preparing for PE lessons – and tidying up. As a reward he was able to go to soft play with daddy while I was at the Summer Fayre this morning.)

180. Me and My Shadow (After the Summer Fayre, where I painted eleventy billion pink butterflies, we went for a long walk across Cardiff Bay Barrage to the pirate park, and scooted back. The sun was amazing and I love this shadow.)

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  1. says

    i am loving the pirate hat – its great that he enjoys wearing it and shows that you chsoe the right theme for his birthday party. that is a wonderful shadow you took today and i really like the perspective of the spiderman phoot with the London Eye in the forefront. he is doing well on the speedier eating – no such luck here this week in fact if anything it seems to have got worse!!!! aaaaaaagh x

  2. says

    The first picture is great with theview of the London Eye, I also really like the cycling picture looks like the boy is concentrating on the task in hand. Looks like a fun week.

  3. says

    Loving the pirate hat! Also love the first picture, it looks like he is climbing the
    London Eye. Great idea about the rewards to also be beyond behaviour, hope his reception induction went well

  4. says

    That's a great idea for a reward chart. I need one of those for Miss C as she is so slow. We'll match your hour and add on 15-20 minutes :/ Lovely pictures of the rest of the week ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. says

    What a rocking little pirate you have. The London Eye photo is perfect, great perspective and a lovely memory to have of the weekend away

  6. says

    Some excellent shots here, I love the London Eye ones and he looks gorgeous in his pirate hat. With him starting school in the autumn you'll see some enormous changes over the next year, enjoy this sweet moment whilst you can xx

  7. says

    I am also loving his pirate hat. I want one for me! The nature reserve looks lovely! The shadow in the final photo is great isn't it. So much fun can be had with shadows..

  8. says

    It's so lovely to see the commitment to the pirate theme… I fear S is going off in a princess direction- but the boys remain true.
    Absolutely adore the London Eye photo and the ones you've had on Instagram- amazing!

  9. says

    What a gorgeous week. I love the pirate hat, I think Bud might need one as he's a little obsessed by them at the moment. We have to bury treasure for him to 'dig up' in the sand pit – hours of fun all round! I adore the London Eye photo, just beautifully composed and so clever.

  10. says

    ooohhh playmobil everywhere, tell the babysitter was not doing the tidying. Love the pirate hat, its great how these things become favourites for a short time till they move on to something else.
    Love the idea of the reward chart for things rather than behaviour. Bob takes ages to eat cos he too busy messing around at the table.

  11. says

    that is a rather splendid pirate hat! ronnie is desperate to go on the wheel, they can see it from the allotment at school. been waiting for the weather to get a bit better, that might be a long wait then!

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