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132-138 of 265

132. Stick it! (After such a beautifully sunny day on Saturday, Sunday saw the doldrums return to the skies over south Wales. The Boy managed a few hours garden play in the morning, then in the afternoon we did some Post-it note art.)

133. End of the day! (A very trying day today. As my car was still poorly with a mahoosive oil leak, I wasn't able to drive to the other side of Cardiff as I wanted to, so we went with my mum. It was a hot and bothersome day, and ultimately boring for The Boy. Mid-afternoon I had a row with the garage who hadn't even started my car, and my dad had to go and help them find the problem. Daddy's girl? Me? Never! The afternoon ended up with a ridiculously elongated dinner time (of well over an hour) and a late bedtime, and a row! Essentially this was all because he was overtired and bored, and it wasn't the best day in my parenting 'career'.)

134. Wet (The garage phoned me at 4.20 to tell me my car was ready and they shut at 5pm. It takes 30 minutes to walk across town to there, it was pouring with rain and The Boy had only just woken up from a nap. Time to test the excellence of the Kiddy raincover. He stayed dry, my Regatta raincoat and jeans were saturated. I made it in time and recovered my car, minus £230 in my bank account.)

135. Sly Fox! (This is a game he's learnt in nursery, a little like Grandma's footsteps or What's The Time, Mr. Wolf.)

136. Sculpture! (I finish work at around 4pm on Thursdays so we've developed a habit of nipping down the beach with my mum for an ice-cream. Today we did a treasure hunt as well for an activity I'm blogging on the 21st May for the '100 Days of Play' activity link-up I'm taking part in.)

137. Rebel! (Just out of shot is a sign saying 'No cycling'. Well I'm sorry but he's 3 and not about to mow someone down so I ignored it. We love this park in Cardiff and took my mum with us, who hasn't been in years, possibly decades. A few drops of rain fell and the park emptied, which I found very sad. We're hardcore and stayed on to see the black clouds off.)

138. Ding Dong ("Mummy, why don't bluebells ding?" The Boy's paternal grandparents came down for a visit today to take us out for lunch, so we took them to Dyffryn Gardens to walk off the pizza and garlic bread after. They were as enchanted as we are with it, and The Boy got to examine some bluebells up close.)

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  1. says

    ouch at the price of the car, hate handing over money to a garage. I dont thik one off day will harm him in the great scheme of things. The post it note art is great.
    Love his comments on the bluebells.

  2. Jennypaulin says

    Such lovely 'boy' shots this week. I adore how proud he is of his post it collage and the sculpture . And his smile underneath the net is infectious! My favourite photo is the bluebell one just because I love those blue flowers and how he wanted to know why they don't ding!

  3. says

    I also had a tiresome boring day resulting in a very short tea time and extremely early bedtime, all because of the activities of one afternoon. Felt extremely guilty! I love his expression in sly fox pic, I bet it's one he carries through life he looks v happy

  4. says

    Might have a go at post it note art. Really like the cycling picture with the parting of the path. Glad you're mobile again even if it came with a big pricetag.

  5. says

    Nothing is more likely to put me in a bad mood than having to deal with garage business. Nothing. I must say I love the idea of Post-It note art. Much better than those who have come up with ways of using them in meeting ice breakers. Groan. Love the flower shots. Looks like spring is finally in the air

  6. says

    A lovely selection of happy pictures of The Boy from your week, he's growing so tall! What a creative collage with post it notes, hope next week sees the sun return and more cycling days.

  7. says

    Great photos of your happy boy. He looks so proud of his artwork and his treasure hunt findings. We've had miserable weather this week so have been struggling to get out. I was pleased to see some sunshine when we went to Tatton Park today.

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