Days 125-131 of Project 365

125-131 of 365

125. Silhouette (Earlier in the day Mr. TBaM and I had sold at a car boot sale, and we followed that up with a trip across the barrage to the Bay for some very special celebrations. Today was the day that Cardiff celebrated its football club returning to the premiership, something it hasn't experienced for fifty years. There was a huge event down in Cardiff Bay with tens of thousands of supporters and proud Cardiffians alike. Secretly we were only after catching a glimpse of Alex from CBeebies who made The Boy very happy with a wave and a thumbs up! We then walked back across the barrage to watch the amazing fireworks.)

126. Crash! (Monday was a stunningly beautiful day. The buzz of lawnmowers, sizzle of barbeques, shrieks of laughter from children splashing in their paddling pools and the buzz of the honey bees filled the air. We entertained friends that we hadn't seen in four years; I was four months pregnant with The Boy when we last saw them. I was going to show a photo of The Boy watering the garden wearing an incredibly cute straw hat, however this one topped everything. He settled down to eat his cheese on toast, asked daddy for a cuddle and within thirty seconds he was asleep!)

127. Hide and Seek (The day was milder than it had been over the weekend but still sunny, especially late afternoon. We spent the morning trying to find some Summer shoes for The Boy, which is the reason it's rained on and off ever since! When Mr. TBaM got home from work, he and The Boy had a mad hour in the garden playing hide and seek.)

128. Choo choo! (A shorter than usual INSET today meant that I was able to get home and play with The Boy more than I usually can on a Wednesday. I made this super train track, with plenty of space for the station master to sit and command the rails.)

129. Zoom! (I set up a free painting session for The Boy to get to grips with after breakfast but he couldn't wait to get to grips with it! Car painting is the easiest painting around, minimum effort and maximum fun!)

130. Quack! (We got home at lunchtime after finishing school and nursery, only to find a pair of ducks on the drive. They've been around the neighbourhood for about a week or so, but are starting to wander into gardens now. I phoned the local nature reserve and was told that they're 'wild' ducks and unless hurt (in which case phone the RSPB) then leave them alone. Apparently in the mating season they often take themselves off in pairs for peace and quiet. We probably shouldn't have fed them, but I The Boy was worried they may be hungry.)

131.Β Pink Snow (We nipped into Cardiff for a review of Wetherspoon's new menu and parked near the Civic Centre, which has a beautiful park full of cherry trees. All were in full blossom and as The Boy ran through the park, the strong Spring wind showered him in pink blossom confetti.)

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  1. Jennypaulin says

    I really like the artwork – so dramatic and full of great colours and lines. The cherry blossom shot is so pretty, we have one in our front garden and I love to see it through my lounge window. And how sweet that he fell asleep during his dinner πŸ™‚ cute. Sounds like a great week with lots of warm outside fun x

  2. says

    Glad your car boot sale was worth celebrating πŸ™‚
    It resulted in such a gorgeous photo it was definitely worth it!
    Love the cherry blossom and maybe trying to car painting this week πŸ™‚

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      You must do car painting, it's such good fun. The only problem is working out what to do with the paper afterwards as it seems too good to bin!

  3. says

    I like the set up of the blossom trees in the last photo. So beautiful how they almost frame The Boy.
    The silhouette photo is fantastic.

  4. Susan says

    The photo asleep in Dad'd lap is precious. Just too cute for words. The trees are adorable too but ….

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Blossom is such an amazing thing to photograph at this time of year, and The Boy loves playing with the pink snow.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'm really pleased with the lining up of the silhouette, it was quite tricky as he moves ever so quickly on that scooter.

  5. says

    I love the cherry tree picture. I really want to try car painting that looks like so much fun! The same thing happened one year at our old house, ducks would not get out of our garden and we were told the same thing by the RSPB. The dog was not impressed he could not go out

  6. says

    Spoilt for choice with your pictures this week. I can't decide whether I prefer the sleeping with daddy shot to the Jackson Pollack style free painting one or the picture of him running through the pink snow of the cherry blossom.

  7. says

    I never know where to start commenting on your photos as they are always all so great. I think my favourite is the Boy on the scooter, really says 'summer evening' to me.

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