Days 118-124 of Project 365

118-124 of 365

118. Zoom! (We went back to Hotham Park next to Butlin's today, this time taking Laura and her family from Tired Mummy of Two. The Boy had a great time playing with Alison and Elizabeth, especially showing Alison exactly how much fun a zipwire is!)

119. Every Drop Counts (We called into The Vyne, a National Trust venue, on the way home from Butlin's today. More about that in my Country Kids post!)

120. Builders' Yard (I set up another small-world play scene for The Boy today in his water table which he spent quite some time playing with, before we headed off to gymnastics and shopping.)

121. Green Fingers (Wednesday today = first day at work of the week. However, this is not a sleeping photo which is a bonus. The Boy was determined to water the plants in the garden, something tells me this could take some time!)

122. Turning Point (After a good day in work, where I was more than happy to be on playground duty due to the glorious weather – so much so I took my classes out on the playground to do ICT that afternoon – mum and I took The Boy down the pier for an ice-cream and cycle ride. The sun casts such amazing shadows at this time of year. The Boy was having an amazing time racing up and down the pier, until he fell off and ended up with more than fifteen splinters in his right hand!)

123. New Glasses (After picking The Boy up at lunchtime from nursery, we nipped over to a small park in Cardiff Bay which I found a month or two back. It's next to the busy area of the Bay, but because it's behind a high wall and in a residential street, it's usually empty and so we get a chance to play in peace and quiet. I love this snap today for the comedic value.)

124. #22 Explore Inside A Tree! (We went to Tredegar House in Newport for the first time today. I vaguely remember going there once as a child with my parents and sister, but didn't think there would be much for children aside from a play park. It transpires that the National Trust had done a huge amount of work to make it interactive for children and they were also having a launch weekend for the '50 Things To Do Before You're 11&ยพ' campaign. We actually spent so much time having fun exploring the house – more on that later – that we almost missed the opportunity to cross off about eight of the fifty things. In the end we saw them and got ideas of how to fulfill them, but we didn't actually do any apart from #22 with the help of daddy.)

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  1. Kara says

    Oh my – he is so adorable – love the picture of him on Daddy's shoulders peering into the tree!!

  2. says

    Beautiful photos once more! I love the shot of the boy filling his bucket up and I agree with the comment you posted on IG I think: I also love it when places provde water to play with

  3. says

    Really lovely pictures! I love the glasses one for the silliness and also the onion his dads shoulders, really lovely

  4. says

    Don't we all need a shoulder to climb in sometimes? Great shot. Looks like a fabulous fun week (if you forget about the splinters)

  5. says

    A Perfect outdoor week, every single photo is outdoors and The Boy looks so happy and occupied in his activities for every one. Love them all.

  6. says

    you have had such a busy week and all photos have been outdoors ones!!! brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚
    i love the comedy value of pic 123 and adore his little tongue poking out while watering the plants in pic 121. he looks much older on his bike wearing the helmet and sunglasses! i think my fav is him on the zip wire and him standing on his daddy's shoulders – they are really wonderful captures x

  7. says

    Love the exploring a tree photo – hope nothing jumped out at him. Off to check out your post on the Vyne as we nearly went there for the NT free day out and still plan to visit later this year.

  8. says

    nice to get out in the good weather. Love the on the shoulders tree, mine love exploring inside fallen trees. The glasses are really good, and ouch at the splinters, that will probably put him off riding his bike there again

  9. says

    Some fabulous colours in those photos and lots of fun activities, LOVE that last one with the binoculars – I thought the red pole was a fake tongue at first!

  10. says

    Love the tree picture! My two have had lots of water fun this week – bet that bucket would have been on someone's head though – The Boy is so good!

  11. says

    I really love the shot of him peering inside the tree, it's great! Reminds me a bit of 'Guess How Much I Love You'! 'I love you all the way to the hole in the tree!!'

  12. says

    Another gorgeous collection of photos here. It looks like you've had lovely weather all week. Ours has been very mixed.
    Bud is very interested in watering the plants too, sadly he managed to kill our courgette seedlings by watering them with soapy water from the sink!

  13. says

    I absolutely love seeing what adventures the bot has got up to in the week. My favourite this week is the binoculars one. I love that it looks like eyes and a long red tongue ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. says

    The photo of The Boy filling up the bucket is so cute. It looks like you are spying on him.
    The shadow on the bike pier shot is fabulous.
    Thank you for linking up.

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