Days 97-103 of Project 365

97-103 of 365


97. Through the Semi-Circle Window! (The sun valiantly tried to shine for most of the afternoon and so we headed out to St. Fagan's Museum in north-west Cardiff. Back in November I bought an annual pass for the car park (museums in Wales are free) but we haven't been there since to get our money's worth. Now the weather is brightening up, we'll be there a lot more often. This time we explored the castle, but it's fair to say that once we've done that it will be a long time before we need to go back. Bit bland!)

98. By Torch-Light (We made a spectacular den in the living room (actually I did, Mr. TBaM is rubbish at them) and The Boy spent quite some time underneath reading his books by torchlight.)

99. Adoring Listener (We visited his cousins who we'd missed for several weeks due to us both being on holiday. He adores his cousins, and they are so good with him. Here he's watching and listening to his nine year old female cousin.)

100. Bath-time (Apologies for the bland photograph but today was back to work after three weeks off and I was shattered! A bathtime snap is all I could manage!)

101. Stretchy Squares (I bought The Boy a pegboard and eleastic bands and he's had great fun making shapes.)

102. Before The Big Day (Today we nipped into town to retrieve my much-missed Samsung Galaxy S3 which took a month to repair, as a result he missed his nap and was shattered at bedtime. Busy day tomorrow!)

103. Justin's House (We've just come in from an amazing day with Jenny from Mummy Mishaps and her lovely family. It was a great surprise for The Boy as I didn't tell him any of the plans until he saw Jenny pull onto the drive in her car. They came up for lunch, the three boys had a great play together and then we headed into Cardiff to see Justin's House.  He's been to a few shows before, mainly CBeebies, but this was his first larger production and he loved every second (apart from when Robert sucked up all the lights into his hoover). Afterwards we all went for a yummy dinner in Pizza Express!)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you, I love how it's framed. Justin's House was an excellent show, I'd thoroughly recommend going if you have the opportunity.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He almost burst when he saw Burton in the back seat of the car on our drive. The show was excellent, really impressed with the quality of the production.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The show was a little too long for him but he followed the story well. The peg board is a great resource.

  1. says

    what can i say? such a beautiful selection of images from this week and it is hard to choose a favourite tbh. the first one – i love his cheeky smile, the red in his boots and coat and how he is framed by that curved archway. I like the side view of him and the look of surprise/achievement in the peg photo. i always love a sleepy pic and of course todays photo is superb!
    love them and all of you x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I really like the side profile photo as well, the sunlight catches his hair nicely. We had a brilliant time on Saturday, thanks so much for coming up with your lovely family.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      You were right, it was brilliant and the fact that other CBeebies people were there made it so much better.

  2. says

    I really like that first picture too. It's a great frame for him and he looks so happy to be there. Sounds like you had a great time with Jenny and the boys.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It was excellent and I blocked several children's views to stand up and take that photo with the fireworks, all in the name of art hey?

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't think younger Jenson was that impressed because of the length, but they did all enjoy it on some level.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I don't think I could handle that but with school starting in September I'm going to have to wean him off soon.

  3. says

    I know I said it on Instagram but I really love the shot of Justin's House. Even though The Boy is in silhouette you can feel his elation from being there, it's wonderful.

    One of the things I love about this project is that it offers a peek into the day to day lives of participants. There's nothing wrong with a 'bland' bath shot!

  4. says

    Justin must have been a great surprise! My little boy loves torches and he recently got one as part of his birthday – I may have to steal your den idea as I think he'd love to do this!

    Great photos and thanks again for hosting this linky!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      My pleasure. The den lasted three days until we had to take it down when a friend came over for dinner.

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