Devon Duvets Three Fold Wool Pillow (Review)

Last year we started going away for weekends or short breaks a fair amount with The Boy. Most of the time we stayed in a Premier Inn where the quality is guaranteed and consistent; the beds are always of a certain firmness, the duvets are warm, the pillows are plentiful and varying in thickness.

However, there were occasions when we stayed in non Premier Inn accommodation and then the one thing that is guaranteed to give me a good night's sleep was inconsistent; pillows. I'm a bit fussy with my pillows, I like two, one of which must be hard-ish and thin and one which must be fluffy. In getting one of both types then I can usually get them the right way around somehow to suit my head that night! What I can't bear is one pillow that's too flat, or two really fluffy pillows where I end up feeling smothered. I'm getting fussy in my old age.

A few weeks ago, I was sent a soft pillow made with 3 fold wool made by Devon Duvets. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect when I read that it was a small travelling blanket that folds up into a pillow, something not soft and fluffy though.

travel bedding

Inside the box was a thick fluffy pillow encased in 100% cotton which was soft and comforting to lay on. It's a standard size pillow (measuring approximately 48 x 74cm) which means it could comfortably be used on a bed normally. The Boy was very intrigued to discover the fold of fabric and quickly undid it to discover a duvet style blanket (approximately 74cm by 130cm). Obviously this is not big enough for an adult to sleep under, but would be perfect to use in the back of a car to keep passengers warm, or on a single bed for a child.

The wool used as the filling is not bleached or chemically treated during any stage of its processing. The aspect of this pillow that I find comforting (apart from it's softness) is the hygiene; the natural properties of wool resist dust mites, making these pillows suitable for allergy sufferers. This is also good to know as I could easily use it as The Boy's main pillow on away trips, meaning he has a consistent pillow to sleep on with no dust mites. And it's easily cleaned using a machine wash on a wool settting.

Ever the eco-warrior, I also find it reassuring that Devon Duvets wool pillows are sustainable products; the sheep is reared solely for its wool and returns to the pasture after shearing.

At £69.00 it's not a cheap option for a pillow in comparison to the average polyester filled alternatives. However, it's not comparable because of the filling, and because of its dual use.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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    The three fold pillow is excellent for a person adult, to sleep under if they have weight problem with even a lightweight Duvet. I have all , Duvet , 3 fold and 2 fold , but , I would like pillow cases, ??. Where to purchase? .

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