Days 41-47 of Project 365

41-47 of 365

41: 'The Terrific Trio' (We were fortunate enough to be able to visit Mummy Mishaps and her boys today, and true to form we dragged them outside into the fresh air for their minimum of 15 minutes outdoor play a day. Hoods up, wellies on, find an old hoop and some puddles, and what more could you want? Really enjoyed our day, thank you Jenny!)

42: '3D' (Today I took The Boy to the cinema with Nana and his cousins, to see 'Sammy's Great Escape'. It's only the second time he's been to the cinema, the first time to see a 3D film. I'll confess that I wasn't sure how well he'd see it, I wasn't sure on the development of vision in tiddlers. However the moment he put them on, he reached out to touch the fish swimming towards him and he repeated this at least a dozen times throughout the film, before then lowering his glasses to try and understand why it looked like he could touch the images. It was really very magical and endearing.)

43: 'Zoomy paint' (Hugely productive day today: playdough, painting with cars and a themed waterplay – more on that another day, gymnastics, and outdoor play again. The Boy loved exploring the different way of mark-making with the paint.)

44: 'Solitary' (After nursery we went down the beach for a blast of fresh air to the system. 'Blast' and 'fresh' are both understatements here. It was freezing and windy. Oh and raining that irritating fine precipitation that gets everywhere! We managed a scoot to the end of the pier and back before collapsing into the warmth of the car. It is worth noting that we were the only people on the seafront!)

45: 'Shake and fizz' (A little science experiment today with some frozen vinegar blocks and coloured ice cubes, liquid vinegar, salt, bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of inquisitiveness.)

46: 'Morning scoot' (I took him for his eye test only to discover he needs a more complex one involving dilating drops to check for a stigmatism, so we had to rebook. As it was 9.30 and we were dressed and out, we headed to Victoria Park in Cardiff which we last went to when he was too young to appreciate. He befriended a four year old little girl and they spent an hour happily racing around, holding hands, zooming down the zipwire, slipping on the ice, helping each other onto the equipment, and having a marvellous time.)

47: 'Hello up there!' (A bike ride through the foggy parks overlooking the beach and back along the seafront to the car, interspersed with some pebble 'plopping' down on the beach. 15 minutes? CHECK!)

I can't choose a favourite this week because I'm very pleased with all of them; they show a mummy and her son who have had a brilliant half-term together.

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  1. says

    Well done for getting out so much, 15 minutes is a long time when it's that cold and miserable – I'm not surprised you were the only people on the pier!

  2. says

    Aaaahh what a lovely of term you've had. I'm very jealous as ours Santa Ben so great. How lovely you got to meet up with Jennie and her boys, looks like lots of fun. They are all great photos but I love "solitary" very cute x

  3. jenny paulin says

    awww thanks for the lovely catch up last sunday.i love all your photos i think you have had a marvellous week but if i had to choose a photo it would be 2 – the cinema one and the pier one. all so good though. glad you enjoyed a fun week – memories to tick over until Easter x

  4. dawn says

    The pier shot is amazing, i love how you have captured the rainy show and you can tell how cold it is. The boy is owning that pier!

  5. Johnson Babies says

    Wow! Can't believe your commitment to getting out and about. It's like the gym- it does make the world of difference (I don't go to the gym!).
    Love the cinema photo and the pier shot.
    A lovely week of pictures.

  6. Two of Everything says

    Everyone else said it too, but I do like your pier shot! So worth getting out, even when the weather isn't so great!

  7. says

    So many lovely shots this week I'm struggling to pick one out too. Great to see the boy with Jenny's boys – it's like a well known actor appearing in a cameo role. I do like the cinema shot with him trying to keep the glasses on.

  8. says

    What a lovely week you've had. I adore the photo of The Boy on the pier – the colours are brilliant. The one of The Boy in the 3D glasses made me smile. My older two boys love the cinema but I haven't taken my youngest yet. Your photo makes me look forward to it.

  9. says

    ohh I think this could be my cruel parent streak kicking in, but I might have to take H to a 3D film for that experience – we were messing around on the iPad and I had birds flying around her head – she couldn't work out where they were (which was very funny indeed!) – that sounds like her kind of thing!

    Have I mentioned how jealous I am of how close you are to the coast? Probably… sigh, I love your pictures!

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