Days 34-40 of Project 365

34-39 of 365


34: 'Swinging' (The Boy learnt to pull himself up into his swing and then swing himself! All by himself! I'm so proud of him. He sat there happily swinging along while Mr. TBaM and I watched from our respective paused activities.)

35: 'Not Quite So Roar-y' (Quite possibly the most useless ride-on ever; cost £1 for a minute and barely moved. I'm not sure who was more unimpressed; me, mum or The Boy.)

36: 'The Paradise' (I had great fun creating this small world play beach for The Boy and he had great fun plopping the mummy and daddy into the sea. We made a miniature sandcastle and had a mini game of football with the Playmobil figures.)

37: 'Hopeful!' (We've been sent a Groclock for review and we started using it on the weekend after quite frankly the most ridiculous fortnight of early morning wake-ups. He's absolutely taken with it and loves watching it go to sleep. It does seem to be working because the morning after this photo was taken he woke at 5am and when he saw it was still night-time he went straight back to sleep until 7.35am!)

38: 'Sailing on the sea' (Grandad comes over to play with The Boy on a Thursday while I'm in work and Nana is looking after him, today they made this picture together with The Boy's tap-tap set.)

39: 'Pedal Power' (A quick trip to the beachfront after I picked him up from nursery and time to practise his bike riding. He's doing really well with it, steering well and staying steadily upright in his seat. The stabilisers are at the highest position they can be before removing them but he's not quite ready because he pedals too slowly. He's capable of pedalling faster but his problem is that he's too busy looking at the world around him and taking it all in to concentrate on the speed. And who can blame him?)

40: 'Wishing Well' (We've come away for the weekend to Weston-Super-Mare because I just need to get away from it all, we all do. It's not quite been the day I envisaged because it's über grey and drizzly, but we've had such fun! Off to see Mummy Mishaps and crew tomorrow!)

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  1. says

    Aaahh lovely pictures of the boy. Love the one riding his bike. Glad you are getting on with Gro clock. We love ours and would recommend to all parents x

  2. OneDad3Girls says

    OMG I haven't seen one of those tap tap boards since I was a boy, I have to get one for the girls.

    Brilliant idea on the small world beach scene.

  3. Bare Beginnings says

    Looks like another fun week, my eldest is also the slowest thing on wheels, but he is normally looking over his shoulder at the most curious things, Bless them!

  4. jenny paulin says

    smashing photos!! he looks super happy with his tap tap picture and you are very clever to have made that beachy table play area. great pedaling by the boy and what a strong boy to push himself in the swing! and that gro clock is a great idea x
    see you tomorrow 🙂

  5. says

    ahh we've not been to Weston in years – we went loads when I lived in Bristol! Now there's somewhere great for seafront cycling?

  6. says

    Looks like a wonderful week for the boy- the small world and the cycling and the chance to meet up with some playmates tomorrow! Wonderful photos, hope you have a great time tomorrow xx

  7. Mandi Morrison says

    haha I always feel the same about the ride ons, the gro clock sounds like a great investment . He is doing really well on his bike xx

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