Days 20-26 of Project 365 (Country Kids)

20-26 of 365

20. 'Birdman' (Yes we had a snowball fight but who wants another picture of that? We spent time on Sunday putting out food for the pair of blackbirds and Mistlethrush which we have in the garden. The fatballs had frozen so needed crushing, and we had half a loaf of bread to distribute. The Boy then spent ten minutes calling them, before going inside to wait at the window for them.)

21. 'Heart-pressing' (The Boy is obsessed with Instagram. 50% of the likes you'll see from the little green bug are actually done by him, he particularly likes seeing pictures of other children playing and I have to tell him who they are. Daily I have to look for photos of Jenny, Burton and Jenson; think we need another playdate. If your photo on Instagram is of a child and I've liked it, it'll be him. If it's got a comment or of food, it'll be me liking it!)

22. 'Artist At Work' (We spend a long time making the most amazing snow picture today; 95% of it was done by him – the 5% done by me was the gluing because he's a lazy tyke! He then wanted to take a photograph of it because he was so proud of it.)

23. 'Meet The Family'Β (I was incredibly disappointed today to discover that, despite two inches of snow falling on compacted snow and ice, school wasΒ not closed. I made my way in to my job, but was out of there by 3.45. At 4pm we were making snowmen in the garden! I'm on the left, Mr. TBaM is in the middle and The Boy is on the right.)

24: 'Now, Which One?' (This giant Kerplunk we had for review a few months ago, is still one of the most played games in the house! Problem is that now he's cottoned on that he needs the least amount of balls to win, and is very competitive!)

25: 'Eat Your Heart Out, Gordon!' (Uninspiring photograph, but it's a milestone snap. The Boy made his own tea tonight: pizza pocket. He cut the pitta bread in half, sliced up the chicken and grated the cheese himself, before stuffing them in the pitta pocket. And yes that's a sharp Kitchen Devil vegetable knife. Give a child the correct tools to use – under supervision – from the start otherwise they just need to be retaught. He'd be more likely to cut himself with a blunt knife as the knife would slip!)

26: 'Birdies, NO!' (Today has been a non-day. I hate days like this; slow to start and before you know it, the weather has turned and the light's almost gone. They affect my mood greatly, pyjama days on a weekend do not help the happy family way of life for us! All too late in the day we went to feed the swans at the local country park, they must have been starving because as soon as we walked towards them and they spotted the bag of bread, they were out the water and coming! To me, it was something like a horror movie, The Boy took it in his stride, and Mr. TBaM stood there telling them off for pecking his bottom! Nutter! The Boy then made us go for a walk in the pitch-black around the lakes, luckily we had our torches!)

My favourite photo this week is Day 20: 'Birdman'

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  1. OneDad3Girls says

    I could eat that little man all up he's so cute.

    I'm do like the family of snowmen, much better than our attempt. Also a lot braver than me for getting that close to the swans.

  2. says

    The girls have been fed up of the snow this week and have been telling it to go away so they don't have to wear wellies to school anymore!

    That snow picture looks brilliant πŸ™‚

  3. Toddling Mad says

    The snowmen are great the kerplunk game also looks fab. We need something like that (T couldn't swallow the balls easily by the looks of it)

  4. says

    I was going to say snow army at first but that's definitely a snow family! Swans make me a bit nervous, they always look really fearless…and the bottom pecking is proof!!

  5. says

    We put seeds and fruit out for the birds this morning as the snow was so thick. Unfortunately the birds hate our garden as our neighbour keeps racing pigeons and they bully the little birds. I'm hoping they might partake in the early morning.

  6. says

    3 snowman!We just managed 1! Good on you!

    Love the swan pic. Am guessing not many go visit them in winter so they prob were hungry!

  7. mummyslittlepeeps says

    Great to see that you are getting visits to the bird table, we have just started getting visitors too. Thats an impressive snowman family too!

  8. jenny paulin says

    i was only thinking to myself the other day that we need another catch up. awww i love that he likes our photos thats so sweet. and what a clever boy to make his own pitta pocket – very grown up. liking the snowman family too. x

  9. says

    Ooh I like the idea of Giant Kerplunk, looks like great fun! I can't believe how close you got to the swans, I don't think I would be that brave. Meg loves to help in the kitchen too and I think you're absolutely right, under supervision it's great for them to learn the skills whilst they're young πŸ™‚

  10. Johnson Babies says

    What a great week- in spite of school being open! (We were closed last Friday yet it hadn't settled, and this week open in spite of snow!).
    My OH is completely with you on the 'kitchen training', although my heart is in my mouth.
    Glad you got out today. I managed a 20min walk with the boys on reins… it was hard work.

  11. says

    The giant kerplunk does look excellent! I love Birdman too, it's a great photograph and he has such a look of concentration. I also love the fact he is obsessed with instagram. So funny! A lovely round up of photographs for this week x

  12. says

    Loving the Mummy, Daddy and The Boy snow men and I bet the birds are going to be glad of that bread this week! Thank you for linking your week with Country Kids.

  13. says

    Oh my goodness the swans! Was he scared at all?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who will let their child cut up their own food with a sharpe knife…and supervision.
    Your snowmen are all very impressive. We didn't even make one.

  14. A Frugal Wife says

    I'm sure the birdies were very grateful for the bread (and you've made me realise it's something I should have thought of doing here…) I'm a tad scared of swans, the boy is certainly braver than me!

  15. Lisa says

    Those snowmen are great, very impressed at you making three I struggled with my puny one! Love that he goes on instagram!

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