Days 6-12 of Project 365

This week has been a bit manic with an additional day in work leaving only Tuesday for a The Boy and Me day. Therefore I tried to make the most of it and get a whole load of playing and activities done to make up for the lack of time we should have had together.

6-12 of 365

6. 'Strike!' (Bowling)

7. 'Restless' (A poorly Boy with a persistant ear infection meant his sleep this week has been hot and sweaty, and he's been very disturbed.)

8. 'Taaaaaaarzan!' (We've finished at Tumble Tots as I didn't think he was being challenged anymore, and he didn't want to go up to the next group as parents weren't allowed to be with their children. We've found a 'free-play' gymnastics session where he can explore proper gymnastics equipment and be challenged in his ability and confidence.)

9. 'Squirt!' (I'd prepared some coloured ice cubes for him to play with when I got home from work, and gave him salt and a water bottle. Great fun!)

10. 'Follow My Leader' (This is the Eggy Alphabet app we've installed on the iPad, enabling him to practise his letter formation.)

11. 'Flip!' (For Christmas, The Boy had the PlayMobil farmhouse and shop with two characters who resemble Fiona and Farmer Nick from Coombe Mill. Here, Farmer Nick is making pancakes for Fiona who is having a lie-in. Lucky Fiona!)

12. 'Sleeping Soundly' (This is how I found The Boy sleeping when I checked on him, his knees were up and bent as well. He does have some strange sleeping positions!)

[Amended: Forgot to say which was my favourite. Probably hard to believe but it's the one from Tuesday; what looks like a bad photo is actually motion blur as he swung past me at eleventy billion miles an hour while tightly hanging onto the rope for dear life.]

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  1. jenny paulin says

    awww sorry he has been poorly with his ear again. i love that his playmobil farm set is all about Fiona and Nick! i want us to go bowling again soon too especially when the weather is as rubbish as it has been today.
    lovely boy photos this week as usual x

  2. Bare Beginnings says

    Inspire, inspire, inspire i want to get here with my boys to a place where i feel i have done with them all i can and should. a great collection of pictures. hope his poorly ear is feeling better!

  3. says

    Great photos again. I love the bowling and the farmhouse shots. Plus, loving your idea with the ice cubes. I'm going to try that with my 2 year old. Hope The Boy is feeling better now.

  4. says

    Sorry to hear you have a poorly boy. Nothing worse when they are not well and then both them AND you are sleep deprived. Hope he is one the mend. Beautiful photo of him asleep x

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