The Gallery: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I seem to be running short of time to do The Gallery most weeks at the moment and to my shame, I had no idea what the theme was this week until Tara's e-mail dropped into my inbox at 6pm this evening. When I glanced at the theme I knew that I'd be able to easily take part as I'd uploaded these photos last night to Instagram.

For me, it always feels that Christmas is on the way when we get our 6 foot high and 4 foot wide Christmas tree out of the attic and assemble it on the first weekend of December. This is the gold, red and wooden decoration tree and the main one of the house. It's a big family affair decorating this tree with my doing the top, The Boy doing the bottom (under a teenie-weenie bit of direction) and Mr. TBaM doing the back.

These are my favourite decorations on the tree:

A mixture of twee characters, home-made wreaths by The Boy and the robin which always nestled in my own childhood Christmas tree. I've bought The Boy one to have on his tree in the future.

Carefully unwrapping the treasures of Christmasses past is such a joy; watching The Boy discover his own decorations which we have bought him every Christmas brings back a rush of memories from each festive season.


Hopefully his future partner will like the decorations and allow him to use them on their tree when he's an adult!

Incidentally, I'm trying to start a hashtag on Instagram so I can have a nosey at the glitz and glamour on other trees. I'd love it if you'd join in? Search on #showmeyourdecorations.

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  1. says

    Ooh very Christmassy! They all look lovely! It is really nice to have new decorations each year to look back on, we so that and it makes the unpacking of them each year really special.

  2. Kelloggsville says

    Are you sure you'll be prepared to let him take his decorations. They mean do much to me now I wonder if I'll be able to let my daughter own hers!

  3. says

    They are all lovely! "Hopefully his future partner will like the decorations and allow him to use them on their tree when he's an adult!" I just had to chuckle, you will chuck them out if not 😉

  4. Jennypaulin says

    I am going to do this with the boys , I already have but not made a big deal about it but I will next week when we at last put our tree up! Those decorations are just lovely because they are filled with love and memories x

  5. says

    I just love the idea of a new decoration each year, Leo has a '1st Christmas' bauble but thats it! Now I feel bad that Louka doesn't have one *runs to find a pen*

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