Cruise Holidays: Why Are They The Perfect Get-Away For Families? (Guest-Post)

Cruise ships are much more advanced than they used to be. Most modern ships now have a vast array of innovative activities including climbing walls, large cinema screens and waterparks with huge slides on-board, but this does depend on the individual cruise line you choose. As well as these interesting activities, there’s also many clubs that cater for children of all ages.

According to a recent survey by the Passenger Shipping Association, it has been revealed that around 1.5million British holidaymakers are expected to take a cruise this year, which is up 13% on the same figure in 2007.

Although this figure is not just specific to families, it shows that many more people are interested in booking a cruise to experience the great value for money, wide ranging activities and the opportunity to visit many different cultures over the course of one holiday.

But why are cruises a great idea for families?

  • Nearly all of the cruise lines now cater specifically to the needs of children, unless they are adult-only cruises.
  • As many cruises now provide kids clubs, there’s also the opportunity for mum and dad to have some well-deserved time together.
  • A cruise holiday will give your children the opportunity to interact with children from other countries and experience many cultures.
  • The dining facilities have also advanced, offering an array of cuisines that will even be suited to the fussiest eaters!
  • Worried that your teenage son or daughter might be bored? Many cruise lines now also cater for teenagers offering special shore excursions, film screenings and youth centres.

As a parent, you can often come back from a holiday feeling as though you haven’t really had a break at all. One of the main benefits of cruise holidays is that the children are catered for in every way, ensuring you have the most relaxing and enjoyable stay possible.

For instance, a cruise holiday will allow you the privilege of not having to cook three meals a day for your family. As children can often be fussy about their food, you can avoid cooking numerous meals as their will be a great selection of food already prepared for them.

With the great facilities available, you will also save money on additional excursions you might pay for with a standard holiday. When you pay for a cruise holiday all the activities are included in the price, allowing you to spend more when you step off the ship to explore!

 As cruise holidays offer varied activities and facilities, a range of fantastic cuisines and destinations, you are sure to find a cruise deal that is best suited to you and your family.

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