Sunday 7th October 2012 – 'Mummy' (281/366)

This is the first time The Boy's drawn a full picture of anyone, not just a face. He's also had a go at writing my name underneath. In the past he's drawn a face, but I've never suggested he draw a whole person before and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Mary Sheridan (the guru for stages of child development) identifies that a 3yr old child will draw a person with a head and usually indicate one or two other features or body parts. A 4yr old child will draw a person with head, legs and trunk, and usually some arms and fingers.

Most nursery or reception aged children will draw a head with arms and legs coming off it, as to them they are the most important body parts. A body is surplus to requirements at this age and usually is missing. However, The Boy has drawn one on this picture of me. Interestingly though, my arms are coming from my head showing that he's not quite realised how everything connects or that the body has a part to play.

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  1. Mammywoo says

    Aww no way! that's so advanced!!! He's written mummy underneath too! Addy is a year behind him and can't even line a own up to paper! Love it! Get it on the fridge!


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