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"Don't you know it contains phenomylenatate chlomasomethingorotherbenate? Why on Earth would you use something that is pickling your kidneys?!"

Yes ok, sister dearest I get the picture.

At the time I nodded, shushed myself and went and bought the strongest surface cleaner I could find, maybe even to spite her. But surely it has to contain phenostrongstuff to be able to clean through the dirt in our kitchen and get rid of all of those germs and nasties?

That was then, this is now. And as much as I hate to admit it (because she's my sister and can never be right)…

… she was right.

I know, shhhh, don't tell her, I'll never hear the end of it.

Since having The Boy I've turned into a mini eco-warrior version of my sibling, only using sensitive, free-from everything washing products to keep his skin nice and looked after and without eczema. And then I got to thinking about his innards, which are very cute and pink and new, and realised that while I was worried about his perfect skin, I wasn't thinking about his perfect intestines.

You know that advert where the child picks up a teething toy that's been lying in drying food on the kitchen counter, and then it cuts to the mother snatching it away and wiping the surface with Kills-All-Known germs spray? And how you breathe a sigh of relief that there's no nasty half hour old food going in your child's mouth? Does no-one else think, "But she's about to suck on poison?"

No? Just me?

Because these cleaning products which blitz everything contain oodles of harmful nasties that can hurt those precious beings that we worked so hard to create. Which is why I only buy green cleaning products. Notactually green, but 'green'. Non-toxic, nice stuff.

Dammit, I've turned into my sister!

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