Country Kids: All Creatures Great And Small

Last week was time for me to go back to school after a glorious six weeks off with my precious son. It's an incredibly difficult time of the year for me emotionally, with mother's guilt kicking in at its strongest, and takes until half-term to settle back down again into a routine where I don't cry every night. However last week we were lucky because I worked the first half of the week as opposed to the second half which left me with almost a week off before going back in. We decided to take advantage of this and headed off for a long weekend down to one of our favourite places; Peppa Pig World.Peppa Pig World is one of the best places to take a pre-schooler in the United Kingdom and as it's our third trip there, we now consider ourselves 'a bit of an expert'. And don't think we were fooled by the sunshine because we've also been there in the pouring rain as well! We arrived at 10.30am and were some of the last to leave at 6pm. In that time we went on every one of the seven rides, the tractor ride and The Boy and Mr. TBaM went on the waterslide three times with The Boy shouting, "Again, again!" every time they came off it.

The next day we met up with Mr. TBaM's parents in nearby Marwell Zoo which I'd been eager to show The Boy. It had a fantastic range of wildlife there, and we were fortunate enough to see the giraffes being brought in from the paddocks, albeit very slowly because they turned out to be stubborn animals! It was an incredibly hot day and The Boy found it a bit tricky to muster up the enthusiasm to enjoy seeing the animals. I suppose it's also very difficult for them to understand the significance of such a place, but he was enamoured with the play areas and the scooting facilities!

And then to Sunday when we headed home in the glorious sunshine. On the way back, we decided to detour to Beale Park in Reading and partake of the paddling pool to cool down.

The perfect end to a hot weekend!

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  1. says

    Peppa Pig world does look like a brilliant concept for toddlers. You might have to try out Cornwall Crealy while you are here with us if The Boy likes the water rides, they have some amazing ones which mine adore and I hate! We all loved Marwell, though it was a pretty chilly day when we went and it was coats on for us while the children played in the play area, I think mine might have wilted there in the sun, perhaps one to do again with The Boy in another year or so? Water fun: well who wouldn't enjoy that! All in all a good way to ease you back into the new term. I hope this week goes well for you ahead of Coombemill, have my fingers crossed for some decent weather!

  2. Jennypaulin says

    Sounds like a wonderful family break away. Just what you needed. I used to go to Marwell Zoo when I was a child as we lived down that way (Newbury). And as for Peppa pig world well I will get the one day!! X

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