Sunday 2nd September 2012 – 'Farewell Summer' (246/366)

I'm not ready to say goodbye to the Summer. I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow. I'm not ready to stop having fun with my little boy, to discover our world, to learn new things, to laugh and love, to cry and kiss better. We've had a fantastic time these past six weeks and this photograph to me sums it up; his laughter, his accomplishments.

And yes, if you look towards the end of the pier you can almost see the good ship Summer sailing off to visit other folk, as we pedal towards the crunchy leaves of Autumn.

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  1. says

    Aww what a lovely post. I hope tomorrow goes well for you. Lots of happy memories from this summer I'm sure and plenty more to make in the autumn, winter, spring and summer ahead too… x

  2. says

    gorgeous photo and i cant believe where the last 6 weeks have gone either! it doesnt seem more than a couple of weeks since you were breaking up, thats just crazy!! x
    LOVE this photo

  3. says

    But would you put so much effort into his life if you did have 365 days of the year to do it? It really is a shame when parents have to work and miss out on their childrens young lives
    Hope today went ok and the child care is not too disappointing.

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