Wednesday 8th August 2012 – 'Who's In The Mirror?' (221/366)

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  1. says

    right, i looked at this earlier but wasnt sure what i was meant to observe. its a real mirror? is that MTBAM in the background or a painting? ah its a painting i can see the poster !!! so much to take in isnt there – brilliant x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It was an Anthony Browne exhibition in the museum. The man peeping around the corner in the background is the author, but it's a cut-out. It is a real mirror and The Boy is looking at the reflection of the man painting the sky blue, the gorilla watching and the cutout figure. I really like this picture but I guess others don't as it has no comments for quite a few viewings.

  2. says

    what a fab picture, and so much to stimulate our senses, so much going on, and very cleverly done. I would probably have to have kept turning round and making sure everything was where it appeared it should be

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