I'm A Butlins Ambassador!

When we went to Butlins for the Tots100 Christmas Party back in December of last year, I was pleasantly surprised at how it broke all my misconceptions of the famous holiday camp. Imagine Hi-de-Hi, big groups of lads or lasses on the razz, and redcoats with bobby socks. Well that's nothing like Butlins of 2012 (or 2011 as it was at the time) at all! The Bognor Regis resort had two hotels along with the normal self-catering accommodation and I didn't see a group of drunken adults there (apart from the Tots100 bloggers that is!).

As a result of our fabulous trip, I've had it in my mind quite a lot when thinking about British holidays, I enjoyed the entire trip and as it was cut short I felt short-changed in my experience. I wanted to go back! Which is why I filled in the application form at the Britmums Live! blogging conference in June to see if I could be selected as an ambassador for the brand.

Yesterday they announced the selected bloggers, and instead of the intended 20 they chose 40! And yes, I was one of them!


So for the next year you will see a lovely bright red Butlins heart in my sidebar pointing you in the direction of the Butlins website. If you're considering a British holiday I cannot recommend them highly enough; the hotels are excellent and there is a range from family to boutique, there are activities for everyone (bowling, cinema, mini-golf, funfair, soft-play, swimming, adventure) including action activities or spa treatments, there is a range of resturants (pizza, pub, classic British restaurant) and they are always in the best of the British locations.

I'll be visiting them at Easter time next year and we can't wait to share all the fabulous family fun we'll have. Until then, thank you Billy Butlin!

Butlins Official Ambassador

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  1. says

    Butlins Baby!!! We've been saying that for years (in a Joey from friends 'London Baby' style lol I LOVE LOVE LOVE Butlins, having gone many times as a child and then to several adult weekends, would be interesting to go now with Leo but a bit weird after all those drunken times! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    I'm so glad you've posted this and I actually have wanted to comment before now so apologies I am so late! I want to say WELL DONE for this! You totally deserve it and you DO NOT deserve negative comments at all. I am staying out of the latest! I am also insanely jealous but I cannot blame anyone but myself for not even knowing about it until people were chosen!! haha. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. Laura @ Chez Mummy says

    Congratulations. If I'm honest, when I'd heard you had applied, I thought you were bound to get chosen and hurrah, you have! I was majorly surprised to find out I was too what with so many quality blogs applying and, having no experience of Butlins at all up until this point, I'm excited that I'll be finding out what all the fuss is about. Yay!


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