Country Kids: Sandcastles

I've noticed recently that we've stopped making the effort to go and do things on the weekends. We saunter along from household chore to supermarket trip to ironing pile, and at the end of the weekend have very little to show for it. Enough now! The year is passing us by and we're missing out on family time together.

So when Sunday dawned and I excitedly drew back the curtains, I saw… rain. Yet again. Bored of this I decided we'd hit the beach anyway and put The Boy's waterproof trousers and wellies in the porch next to the bucket and spade. We did a last minute toilet trip and the sun came out. A quick change of clothes later (with wet weather gear firmly in the boot) and we headed off for Barry Island.

By the time we'd managed to find a parking space (four laps of the island!) the sun was blazing down and we had a really pleasant two hours building sandcastles, paddling in the sea and eating chips!

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    So easy to slip into a household rut. Well done for grabbing the opportunity for some family time at the beach, perfect when it is so close for you. Barry Island reminds me a little of Fistral beach here in Cornwall, I think it is the shore line. Perfect sandcastle sand too! Thanks for linking up.

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    i know that feeling well!!! i need to take the boys to the beach again – ruddy hell i live like 10-15 minutes away from one!
    lovely photos the boy is having some great (sandy) fun 🙂

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