LolliBop 2012

Last August the bloggosphere was filled with talk of the LolliBop Festival in London. At the time I was still quite new to the blogging world and was unaware of the wonders of the fantastic children's festival. However this year it's returning to Regent's Park with another fantastic line up and we will most definitely be there!

Completely created as 'The Big Bash for Little People', LolliBop takes place on the weekend of Friday 17th August until Sunday 19th, and while its main audience is intended to be children up to the age of 10, I suspect big kids of all ages will enjoy it with a plethora of wonderful activities.

I'm a little overawed at the huge range of acts, stageshows and activities taking place during those three days, it really will provide something for every child, no matter what the age.

Personally, we're looking forward to:

  • seeing The ZingZillas perform on the LolliBop Live stage;
  • the story of The Gruffalo in the Lollipaladium;
  • getting crafty with Mister Maker;
  • yoga sessions with Waybuloo;
  • an Alice In Wonderland tea party;
  • meeting ‘Tiny’ the 125 million years young dinosaur;
  • cooking with My Daddy Cooks in the LolliBop Kitchen;
  • the Halfords Bike City (which will include a Wacky Races obstacle course for under 5’s);
  • the Mr Men & Little Miss Party Roadshow;
  • LolliBop Animal Curiosities, which features animals including a polar bear, a dinosaur and gorillas (!);
  • the Disco Shed which will have mini boppers dancing the day away;
  • finding out what's in The Enchanted Forest;
  • the Village Green as the perfect spot to chill out and enjoy some street theatre.

Rest assured though, there are plenty of other activities for younger children with the the '3ft & Under' area (with a mini disco, tiny play, little arts, baby ballet, yoga, teddy bears picnic and sing and sign), and oodles for older children; Dick and Dom, a Moshi Monsters Mash Up Tournament (where children are challenged to put their Mash Up skills to the test with free Mash Up cards), the life-size Transformers Optimus Prime Truck, workshops by Horrible Histories and the Roald Dahl Museum, performances by 8ft Titan the Robot, the Tween Town area (with street dance, hula-hooping, magic and beat-boxing workshops, plus an older arts and crafts tent and a brand new laser room), a BMX stunt display and demo area, and the Science Museum are preparing for a triumphant return to Regent’s Park with an expanded area and dedicated Science Zone.

Reassuringly this is one festival which is completely geared towards the family ethos with two 'boob and botty boudoirs' and covered buggy parks and lollishade areas. There will also be a good selection of food and drink options available.

I'm really looking forward to experiencing the fun and games at LolliBop and as all activities inside the event are free, then I think that the £22 a person ticket is excellent value for money.

LolliBop takes place in Regent’s Park, London on August 17-19. Tickets are priced at £22 per person (adults and children pay the same price) but babies under 12 months old are free. 

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  1. Jennie @ Edspire says

    This sounds amazing. We will be away on holiday but next year Esther and William will be three and we will definitely go. Hope The Gruffalo will still be there x


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