Sandcastle Birthday Cake

A month or so ago I bought a silicon cake mould from Aldi in the shape of a sandcastle. At only £3.99 I couldn't not buy it, even though I had no idea what I was going to use it for; I'd already decided on The Boy's birthday cake and had no idea what this one could be used for.

In the end I decided to use it for The Boy's family birthday party today. I've never used a silicon cake mould before and was nervous. I was also a bit nervous because of the size of the mould and had no idea how much mixture would be needed. After a helpful tweet from Clare at Seasider In The City pointing me in the direction of this post, I discovered I'd need 9 eggs and 18 ounces of flour for the madeira cake!

Luckily it only took an hour and half to cook, and peeled out of the mould really easily. Today while The Boy was napping, I decorated it with some simply shell-shape chocolates.

I was sceptical that it looked ok, but The Boy was more than happy with it. Look at his little face when he saw the cake mummy made him:

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  1. says

    The cake looked FAB!!
    Loved your now you are 3 post too – those posts will be fab to look back on in the future. So many people don't seem to remember what their kids loved/hated as small children, so I for one reckon blogging will be amazing for looking back at these sort of posts! ! Hope he had a fab day xx

  2. says

    Wow, I can't believe you managed to get it out of the mould intact. I've used the madeira cake recipe you sent me to make Lara's birthday cake. Going to decorate it today and tomorrow and hopefully have the pictures up next week. I could really get into this whole cake malarkey!

  3. Jennypaulin says

    It looks amazing ! I am not surprised he is pleased with it! It looks just like a sandcastle. X

  4. Stephen says

    Thats brilliant, well done. I'm embarking on my own Alfi sandcastle cake joury today. If the results ate half as good ad yours my 4 year old will be chuffed.

  5. Louise Wright says

    I am so pleased to find this post! I have just bought that exact mould for my daughter and we had no idea how to make it so I was exploring the internet. We will have a go at it soon and hopefully it will look as good as yours. Fingers crossed!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks so much for your comment, it's great to know that others might find our cake useful! It worked really well, I find Madeira cake can be a bit plain so adding chocolate chips or something like that breaks up the sponge. Good luck and hope she enjoys it.

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