Meal Planning Monday #11

It's National Vegetarian Week this week, and because of this you'll find no omnivore meals on my menu planner. I know that there's not usually a huge amount, but Mr. TheBoyandMe can have a meat-free week and like it!

  • Sunday: The freezer is full of God knows what, so we need to start eating that up!
  • Monday: Pizza (caramelised red onion, spinach and blue cheese) and salad.
  • Tuesday: Mediterranean vegetables and rice, with grilled halloumi
  • Wednesday: Sticky Sausage Stew. I keep putting this on my planner and I keep failing to cook it which is daft because it's gorgeous.
  • Thursday: Chinese (earlier than normal)
  • Friday: Quorn Lasagne
  • Saturday: LONDON BABY! (More about that later!)

And I still haven't planned in fajitas, which is ridiculous because we both love them. Next week! Maybe…

I'm linking this up to Mrs. M's Meal Planning Monday

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  1. says

    freezer surprise makes ma laugh and i dont know why! i think its because it reminds me of Jean from Eastenders and her "savage surprise!"
    i like how you have kept your chinese in 🙂
    Hmm London huh?? mysterious x

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