Meal Planning Monday #8

By and large I stuck to the plan last week with the exception of Saturday when we had cheese and biscuits later in the evening because we'd been a mid-afternoon barbecue. And yes it was raining, don't ask.

  • Sunday: We went to Frankie & Benny's for lunch (a review) and mum & dad's for tea. No cooking for me!
  • Monday: Salad. Just picked up a reduced chicken salad (and a whole load of other reduced quality meat for next to nothing to go in the freezer) in Tesco's so hubby will be having that while I have a cheese salad and anything else I bung on the plate. Can you tell me enthusiasm is minimal today?
  • Tuesday: Mango and coconut paneer, carried over from last Saturday
  • Wednesday: Quiche, salad and potato wedges. An 8.15-6 day for me, so hubby needs something easy to bung in the oven for when I get in.
  • Thursday: sausage stew done in the slow-cooker. This is take two as the first one done the other week didn't really work for us.
  • Friday: turkey stew (reduced aisle bargain!) for Mr. TBaM and The Boy, something from the freezer for me.
  • Saturday: Chinese! Deep fried tofu/chicken balls, crispy seaweed, egg-fried rice, chips and spring rolls.

I'm linking this up with Mrs. M's Meal Planning Monday

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