The Most Amazing Easter Egg Ever!

I've made no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of Hotel Chocolat before. My husband knows it by now and he also knows that to get in my good books for special occasions he only need order something from there. He also knows not to eat any of the chocolate unless offered. And only then, the nut ones.

When a lovely big box arrived from them recently, he looked confused momentarily until he remembered that it was neither my birthday, nor Christmas, nor our anniversary. This delivery from them was in order to try out their easter egg samples.

And oh my, what a sample.

Isn't it pretty?

This is the Extra Thick Your Eggsellency Easter Egg which has twelve alcoholic truffles (two of each of white port truffle, champagne truffle, pink champagne truffle, mojito cocktail, amaretto amour, bison grass vodka) encased in the thickest easter egg I've ever seen; one half dark chocolate, one half milk chocolate. It is beautiful; the way it's presented and the taste of it.

When Hotel Chocolat were researching making easter eggs, the consulted with experts who told them to use the smallest amount of chocolate possible in order to make the thinnest chocolate eggs and maximise their profit margin. They ignored them and made really thick ones instead. And they are gorgeous!

At £26.00 each, the Extra Thick eggs are a luxury egg, but oh my you'd earn some massive brownie points with them!

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  1. says

    when I was asked which one I'd like to review I was kind & got one that I could share with the kids….wish I'd picked this alcoholic truffle one now! yum

  2. says

    That looks fantastic… it is a perfect corporate present or a gift for someone very special or who has done something extra special for you recently.

    Do they have at least any discount codes for us poor bloggers? ;o) (Blagger blogger)

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