'Hands Up' If You Love Justin!

There is one man who is the king of children's television: Justin Fletcher is a genius.

I truly believe that every new parent should be given a voucher for an hour's entertainment, courtesy of Mr. Fletcher, upon the birth of each child. Just one hour to be used at a time that could be absolutely vital for the wellbeing of everyone in the house. Every television programme he creates is magical, and now he's turned his voice to a music CD, he's onto another winner!

I'll admit to being sceptical when I heard he'd released the album 'Hands Up!' All too accustomed to his singing on various programmes, I wasn't sure if away from the visual that the concept would work. The Boy had other ideas and proved me wrong.

Taking a step away from the traditional lullaby quality of most children's melodies, Justin has combined the lyrics to the classic songs with more modern and up tempo tunes. They certainly get your feet tapping, shoulders shaking and arms waving!

Have a listen to some of the title track while watching The Boy show his groovy moves and accompanying the musicians:

Since listening to this album pretty much non-stop since it came into the house, I can frequently be heard humming it on the playground in school. The five year olds don't mind, but I'm getting some funny looks from top juniors!

You can purchase 'Hands Up!' here on Amazon.


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  1. says

    I had not heard of this CD but this household does love Justin! I am very looking forward to hearing it!! Think it might be useful for a long car journey!

  2. Katherine De Riera says

    I love Justin Fletcher because he is a wonderful entertainer for all children and I love that he does such good work with children with disabilities too!

  3. says

    We absolutely LOVE Justin in this house because to kids he is funny and silly but to adults he teaches so much. We have learnt Makaton via Justin and Luke copies him all the time. Justin's House, Mr Tumble, Something Special, Gigglebiz… we absolutely love them all and could watch for hours which is why we requested some Mr Tumble DVD's for his forthcoming birthday!


  4. Carolina J. says

    I heard a lot about this CD and am dying to own it! I love Justin's programmes and think he is very funny.

  5. Anna Coyle says

    I LOVE Justin! He is amazing! As soon as my 2 boys heard the advert for this on tv yesterday they were jumping up and down dancing and asking if they can have it lol!

  6. Jonathan Smith says

    Justin is an absolute genius in childrens entertainment.My 3 year old has daughter been transfixed by this entertainer for more or less 2 years.I love the way he keeps reiventing himself with different shows,at the moment my daughter is jumping up and down and singing with Justin's House 2 inch from the tv.

  7. Nikki Webber says

    O love him as my little boy loves him!!! he's very exciting for the little ones and i love seeing my toddler beaming πŸ˜€

  8. Debbie says

    We absolutely love Justin in my house…he keeps children thoroughly entertained and his signing is exceptionally easy for young children too follow. We have his nursery rhymes cd in the car and as soon as we get in Justin has to be put on..although every song is known off by heart. We also record all of the Somethings special and Justins house..when a tantrum starts we just put these on and peace is restored!!!!

  9. Laura A says

    My daughter loves him, he makes her laugh. Justins house is her favourite programme and she dances around

  10. says

    He's so much fun and I love that he shows the no matter if children have a disability or not, they are still the same πŸ™‚


  11. twopointfourchildren says

    we love Justin as my two are entranced by him, they also love their autographed picture they have!

  12. nikki lane says

    Both my children love Justin, but my 3 year old is currently undergoing speech thearpy, and i have noticed how he stands and copies Justin doing sign language, he now has made his own up (puts his hand on his head, opens and closes it while twisting his head = any vehicle with a flashing light rescue vehicles) but understanding him is so much easier and he doesn't get so frustrated anymore. xx

  13. Helen says

    Justin seems an all round good guy and my granddaughter loves him, as Mr Tumble or as plain old Justin, I do too x

  14. Clare F Wood says

    We love Justin for all the work he does, Something special has helped my daughter communicate with another girl they go to nursery with, and Justins house is just so funny

  15. Ellie Bevan says

    He manages to combine fun with more serious aspects, like signing and chidren with special needs. all 3 of my kids adore him, and even my husband had used signing picked up from his programs.

  16. Alice Boardman says

    Finally disabled kids get some great TV – I love him cause he really helped my kids learning signing

  17. Charlotte Mudd says

    My 18 month old daughter absolutely LOVES Justin (I am now sitting here singing Justins house as i am trying to type this) she watches him and enjoys copying his signing, and often calls for 'MR Tuuuuuummmble' when the TV isn't on. We would love to win his new CD!

  18. says

    I love his energy and creativity – the fact he can manage to capture the littlens so quickly. Its amazing!

    Noah really loves watching his TV programs, sometimes he will just stand there and stare at the TV in his own little world. Hoping one day he is going to start bopping along to the music and following the actions too! πŸ™‚

  19. katrina walsh says

    Hes not afraid to go the full hog to entertain our kids. Also unlike many other childrens entertainers, he seems to genuinely enjoy what hes doing and not just trying to get his foot in the door to bigger and better tv jobs

  20. Caroline French says

    I love Justin because he has given me some great ideas to help improve my daughters speech. He's a genuinely talented presenter with a knack for engaging children and now my 18mth old boy is also enthralled when he watched him πŸ™‚

  21. Sarah Ballantyne says

    We love Justin because his programs keep my daughter really entertained but she is learning loads too. She picked up lots of signs watching Mr Tumble and it was brilliant when she first started talking – we understood her much more quickly when she signed and spoke at the same time. Now she is teaching her little sister the signs – it's so cute.

  22. Stephanie says

    My twins LOVE Jusin! They now see the CD advertised and have listened to their brother and say 'I would like it for my birthday' which is in 6 weeks!!

  23. Juanita Powers says

    He is so good with getting the kids attention, plus his sign language help my child communicate when he was 2 as he had speech problems and we had to learn sign language to help him, so he learnt every day new words x

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