Marks Out of Five

Crispy seaweed should not have sugar in it. Crispy seaweed should be salty and you should need a glass of water after every mouthful because of it.

Today in work, one of the LSAs told us about the hygiene ratings of various take-aways and restaurants in our home-town. Our favourite Chinese take-away had a rating of 0. 0 out of 5, 5 being the highest, 0 being the lowest.

So yeah, our favourite Chinese is a bit scummy.

Therefore when Mr. TheBoyandMe suggested Chinese for tea, I relayed the story to him and we found the highest rated Chinese in town to have take-away from.

It cost £5 more. The crispy seaweed had sugar in it. The fried bean-curd was tough as old boots, and it had vegetables mixed in with it! The spring rolls were incinerated and the chips were like french fries.

If that's what hygiene does for you, give me rats' tails anyday!

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    Our local Chinese was paid a visit by the H&S bods. They were closed down after it was discovered they were keeping cooked chickens in a bath outside the back of the building, covered with a piece of wood. Nice. It still tasted the same as all the others though.

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    I used to keep checking that hygiene web site and some of the most disgusting takeaways sell the most amazing food!!! I now sometime "forget" about the hygiene standards 🙂

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    I once had crispy seaweed in Scotland & that had sugar in it….I was ill all night & the next day after that chinese & it put me off for a very long time…I would never touch crispy seaweed again!

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