The Gallery: Landscapes

And so travelling Tara has set us the challenge of showing off our landscapes this week. Proper photography required.

This week's theme is: Landscapes.

Go and take a photo of one that inspires you, dig one out of your archives or get creative. Trees (ahem), sea shores, beach, skyline, fields, roof tops, pylons, mountains, snow whatever. Let's show what a wonderful and diverse place the world is.

Mr. TheBoyandMe and I have travelled to some rather amazing places and for that we've been lucky. I can't handle a flight longer than eight hours so I'm not talking anywhere tropical, but there are some amazing treasures around the world and we have been fortunate to experience some of these, before The Boy was born.

San Francisco Salt Ponds

The Faraglioni Rocks

Grand Canyon

Arabian Desert

California coastline

Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building

But still one of my favourites is the one I call home:

Cardiff Bay

Click on the widget below to see the other stunning landscapes around this amazing world we live in

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  1. says

    Now, don't want to sound like I'm doubting your ability… but did you really take those photos??! They're amazing! Takes me back to my travelling days… hmm I can feel another post coming on!

  2. from fun to mum says

    Amazing photos! I've been to most of those places (not Cardiff, I know, bad bad bad) but you captured them in an amazing way! stunning. I love your picture of the Faraglioni. Love it

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