The Ultimate Christmas Song (Playlist)

I haven't taken part in the Listography for far too long and I feel ashamed of abandoning one of my favourite linkies. A few weeks ago, Kate provided us with the theme of 'Top Five Christmas Songs', which I really wanted to do. And then life and other post commitments cropped up and yet again, I missed the flipping linky! At around the same time, @HimUpNorth tagged me in a meme called the 'Ultimate Christmas Song' Meme.

So I've decided to join the two together and give you my top Christmas songs and split them into categories: Carols, Classics, Children's Songs, Modern Classics and Personal Favourite. Bear with me, it's worth it!

Favourite Carol

When I was a young teenager, mum and I would go and see my (elder) sister perform in the schools' concert in St. David's Hall, Cardiff. If I remember correctly, it was a collection of brass bands, wind bands, youth orchestras, choirs, jazz ensembles, etc. and it was one of the things the signalled Christmas to me. My sister played the clarinet and so was in the windband. I always used to feel an enormous sense of pride and love watching her playing on the stage, when she left the group (with age), mum and I continued to go for a few years until I moved away. This was one of the carols that would be sung by the choir but that the audience were asked to join in with, and mum and I used to love belting this one out. One year my best mate sang in our school choir and was one of the lead vocalists for the twiddly bits (technical term? harmony?) that they sing in the final verse. It sounded magnificent! Every time I think of this song, I'm transported instantly back there.

Christmas Classic

It's got to be this one hasn't it? Everyone knows the words and no-one sings it better than Bing.

Children's Christmas Song

This one gets me every Christmas in school! I love listening to the younger children singing it so earnestly, their little voices straining to reach the high notes, and every time I get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. I can't wait to hear The Boy sing this in his own nativity in the future. (No idea which school this video is of, only one I could find!)

Modern Classics

It's not Christmas without hearing Mariah belting this out at least eleventy billion times in the shops, pubs, restaurants, car stereos and music channels. And, depending upon where I am, I either join in in my head or out loud. It also reminds me of 'Love, Actually' which is my favourite Christmas film. However, I have banned Mr. TheBoyandMe from singing it, it's a girls' song!

Personal Favourite

'nuff said.

And now I need to pass the baton on of naming your Ultimate Christmas Song (just the one, unlike you're like me and can't settle on just one) and I tag:

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Fab choice and the last two ate in my playlist thanks for tagging me. I might cheat and link up ones did a the start of the month xx

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