To Infinity, and Beyond! (TRU Review)

Mr. TheBoyandMe and I love Toy Story. Absolutely adore it! I've tried to get The Boy to watch it but he won't go for it at the moment (secretly I don't think Woody is a very nice toy, he's a bit naughty at times! Also the neighbour is really nasty! EVIL!) and so Woody and co. are stuck at the back of the DVD cupboard for a year or two.

Therefore when Toys R Us delivered a Buzz Lightyear to be reviewed I wasn't quite sure what would happen. I needn't have worried; The Boy adores Buzz. Absolutely and completely and utterly! Buzz is his new best friend.

Ok, so for the technical bit. We were sent a Toy Story Andy's Collection Buzz Lightyear. Apparently there are a couple of different types which I wasn't aware of until my extremely jealous five year old nephew clapped eyes on the Space Ranger. This one is better than his because he says a lot more and his fingers move apparently. Buzz's helmet can open and close, his legs and arms are jointed (although a little stiff, some lubrication wouldn't go a miss), he has an opening panel on his arm so he can talk to Star Command, and the best bit is that his wings pop open and flash! In addition, he has sensors so that he knows whether he's flying or standing and therefore makes appropriate noises for that action.

That's not the only way he can interact with the 'child' playing with him. I was chasing The Boy with him earlier and being a little vocal: Buzz told me off for shouting because he could hear me and I needed to quieten down. Chastised by a toy! After a little while of not being played with, Buzz calls out asking if anyone is there. He'll repeat this a few times more and then declare he's going into hypersleep mode, or standby as us humans call it.

On his chest are three coloured buttons. The red activates his 'toy' mode (a bit boring), the blue his 'space ranger' mode, and the green is the interactive mic feature. The space ranger mode is the one where most fun can be had as he seems to come alive and reprimands you for opening his helmet without his permission. Buzz also has a moving head; it is motorised so he can look around and talk to you.

He really is amazing and I won't have a word said against him: he's a real hero!

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We were sent this item for the purpose of this review. Our adoration of Buzz is genuine and unbiased.

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  1. Jenny paulin says

    How did you do the cartoon strip graphics?? Burton has the Buzz from Toy Story 3 which sounds very familiar to this one. They are good fun. Lovely write up as always x

  2. says

    Wow, that sounds really cool!Toy Story was the 1st thing I saw at the cinema with Aaron!
    We went shopping yesterday and Leo was playing with a 'Greek' Buzz lightyear – it cracked me up when you press the button and it says – 'Yiasas, Ime O Buzz Lightyear'
    (Hello, I'm Buzz Lightyear)

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