Little Photos From Little Fingers

I was tagged by Momma Two ages ago to complete this meme created by her and Mammasaurus. Well she didn't originally tag me, but I sulked on twitter so she told me to consider myself tagged, I favourited, did the leg-work and then forgot to write it!

I am forever finding photos on the iPod Touch taken by The Boy, and I've blogged about them before. They make me chuckle, especially when I find random ones of my feet when we're walking around the supermarket, or of me putting my make-up on but only from the waist down.

Well both Momma and Mamma had been having a conversation late one night on twitter about the same thing, and so created this meme with the objective of showing off the photos that our little ones take. I will confess to giving The Boy the smallest amount of guidance beforehand; showing him how to hold the iPod so that the item he wanted to take a picture of is in the frame. Then I let him go with it, and these are the shots he came up with:

I don't think he did too badly really, in fact the crayons are quite arty!

I want to carry this on for Momma Two and MammaSaurus and so am tagging the following five bloggers, because I know for some of them, that their children are always having a play around with iPods, iPads, LeapPads, etc:

  1. The Crazy Kitchen
  2. Mummy Mishaps
  3. The Moiderer
  4. Mummy Mummy Mum
  5. Multiple Mummy
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  1. Jenny paulin says

    Wow love this meme and i love his photos – they are fab! Like you say the crayons one is really quite special xx

  2. says

    Oh Wow ! I didn't think anyone would do it any more!

    Great photos! Loving the crayons photo!

    You have inspired me to let Queen Scamp loose with the camera tomorrow now! 🙂

  3. says

    Love it! The Boy has a talent there. If I go into professional photography – I'll bag him as my assistant

    Disclaimer: there are no bags involved in the coaxing of a small child in this comments section

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