A Man's World?

I have issues.

For the sake of clarification here (because quite frankly I have a lot of issues ranging from an intense dislike of the colour orange to why I can't pull the plastic wrap off microwave meals) I feel it necessary to point out that my issue in particular is about men and ICT.

As an ICT co-ordinator who has just led her school through a successful assessment of our capabilities, I find it infuriating that the male (in theirs 20s) staff are assumed to know more than me. I'm very competent in this area and when I was on maternity, I am told that it was tough without me.

I really do think I'm quite astute when it comes to technology, it's partly my downfall in my job. I should just co-ordinate the teaching of the subject but because I understand infrastructure, hardware, software, etc. I am called upon to help like a technician.

This morning, my shadow co-ordinator (male) and I were on separate ICT courses. Mine was hard-core, brain-blowing infrastructure stuff, his was to do with Apple products. We sat down in the staffroom at lunchtime, alongside the other young bloke and started chatting with others around us. Another male teacher walked in and talked to the pair of them about technologies and ICT, ignoring me who was slowly cogitating and stewing in the corner. That was until I was asked an ICT question by my shadow.

My response?

"I'm sorry, I can't possibly talk to you about technology as I don't have a penis!"

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    Hahaaa!!! Brilliant! I totally understand where you are coming from. At my work some of my male colleagues used to try to pull the wool and I never tell them how much I actually know till they try to pull a fast one. Then I innocently question something letting them know I know! πŸ™‚

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    OMG I have a post in drafts along these very lines! Men in my office will go and ask the guy that builds website about their IT issues before he politely turns them over to me…the IT Manager. Grrr

    And I still can't get over you hating on my colour!

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